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Dad divides opinion after sitting away from his family to enjoy a child-free flight

Stewart Perrie

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Dad divides opinion after sitting away from his family to enjoy a child-free flight

Travelling with children can be tricky.

They might freak out when their ears don't pop, get bored when they've been sat in a seat for hours on end, or they might throw a tantrum because they don't like any of the movies.

There's a whole host of reasons why it's a lot to deal with and one dad has earned the scorn of the internet for not helping his partner.

A woman has posted a video on TikTok revealing that she was sat next to a mother on a flight.


This mum had a baby on her lap and a toddler beside her.

Because she was juggling the two kids, she also found it difficult to get her luggage in the overhead storage section.

The female passenger thought it would be a brilliant idea to ask if the dad, who was only sitting one row in front, if he'd like to swap seats.


He apparently said 'great' and instead of him jumping in the seat to help manage the kids, he sent another child down.

So that meant the mother now had three children to deal with and the dad got to enjoy a child-free flight.

The TikTok video has gone viral, however people are split down the middle on whether they are supportive of the dad or think he's the worst person ever.

One said: "What if he were the stay at home dad and mom was finally looking after the kids so he could have a break?"


Another added: "The absolute rage I am feeling right now."

A third wrote: "I would have said no that’s not what I meant give me my seat back."

However, there were loads of comments that highlighted the reality that if the dad swapped seats with the woman, then their other child would be sitting alone.


That could be a dealbreaker for some families as they don't want their kid sitting by themselves on a flight.

The woman who uploaded the TikTok said there were a lot of men in the comments who were doing 'mental gymnastics' to say the dad was in the right for his decision.

"You are tripping over the logistics of how this could have worked," she explained to the men.

They were only seated one row from each other and the woman says she wished she rescinded the offer when she realised the dad was sending the child instead of himself.

Featured Image Credit: Andy Ryan/Getty Images. freemixer/Getty Images

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Stewart Perrie
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