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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe confirms he’s going to be a dad

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe confirms he’s going to be a dad

The famous actor will be soon welcoming a new addition to his family

Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe has confirmed he is expecting his first child with his long-term partner, Erin Darke.

The 33-year-old was pretty much the face of our childhoods as we all grew up watching his escapades in the chaotic world of witchcraft and wizardry.

So, it comes as a shock to know he's having a child of his own now.

Radcliffe and Darke, 38, have been together for over a decade after first crossing paths whilst filming on the set of Kill Your Darlings - a drama/romance flick all about the Beat Generation - back in 2013.

Radcliffe starred as the broody poet Allen Ginsberg with Darke playing the character of Gwendolyn.

Daniel Radcliffe is expecting his first child with Erin Darke.
The Canadian Press / Alamy Stock Photo

Talk about a meet cute.

Speaking to Marie Claire back in 2015, Radcliffe opened up about that fateful day they both first locked eyes with each other.

"That's a wonderful record of us flirting for the first time," Radcliffe revealed. "There's no acting going on—not from my end, anyway."

He went on to comment on the genuine connection they both felt, adding: ""There's a moment when she makes me laugh, and I'm laughing as me and not as my character.

"She was incredibly funny and smart. I knew I was in trouble."

A baby-face Daniel Radcliffe playing Harry Potter in the Philosopher's Stone.
Warner Bros.

Flash-forward over 10 years and the cute couple now have a whole new adventure to embark on together.

It's clear that Radcliffe has been interested in fatherhood for quite some time now, revealing to Newsweek last October: "I want my kids - if and when they exist - I would love them to be around film sets."

However, unlike his childhood filled with fame and success at just 12-years-old, it's clear the star wants something a little different for his future child.

"I wouldn’t want fame for my kid," he continued. "Film sets are wonderful places. A lot of the time it can be wonderful for kids, but it’s really the fame side of it that should be avoided at all costs."

A spokesman for the actor confirmed the news of Radcliffe's happy news last night (25 March), the Mirror reports.

A source close to the couple also revealed: “Daniel and Erin could not be happier to be expecting. They are absolutely thrilled, and can’t wait to become a family of three.

Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 2004.
Warner Bros

"They told their families and friends recently. It’s an incredibly exciting time."

It's clear that the news wasn't just exciting for the couple but cause for jubilation for all the Potterheads out there.

One Twitter user posted: "Congratulations to them but I feel old now."

Don't we all?

"Harry Potter's gonna be a dad!!!" wrote another, clearly, overwhelmed fan.

A third added: "Daniel Radcliffe is gonna be a dad? Why does this feel like the official thing that ends my childhood?"

You're a father, Harry!

LADbible has contacted Daniel Radcliffe's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. / The Canadian Press / Alamy Stock Photo

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