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Danny Dyer plans to leave ‘half a million’ in his will to his dog

Danny Dyer plans to leave ‘half a million’ in his will to his dog

In a bid to wind up his wife, Danny Dyer is leaving £500,000 for his beloved bulldog.

Danny Dyer is planning to leave £500,000 in his will for his dog Debbie just to wind up his missus.

The former EastEnders actor and much-loved cockney was asked if he had made plans on who would take over his inheritance, with Dyer worth an estimated £4 million.

And while you'd expect Dyer to give a large chunk of his dollar to some of his closest family members, the actor had a special mention for his beloved bulldog.

While his kids were mentioned, Debbie will certainly be getting a large chunk off her owner too - and with the amount she'll get, it'll surely provide a life's supply of dog treats.

Debbie will be stacked for life with half a million.
Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

Speaking on Kathy Burke’s podcast Where There’s A Will, There’s a Wake, Dyer said: "I got her just before the pandemic, and what I didn’t realise about bulldogs is they look f**king sad all the time.

"So I feel I need to give her something or get some proper carers for her, give her a flat with a carpet. Give her whatever she wants out of guilt."

Dyer then jokingly added: "Also, it would wind my missus up. She’d be like, ‘You’ve given f**king half a million pounds to f**king Debbie?’”

Dyer married childhood sweetheart Jo in 2016 and have three children together: Dani, Sunnie and Arty.

Debbie is seemingly in the same bracket as the three kids according to Dyer, previously describing the bulldog as a 'illegitimate child'.

"Debbie is an incredible little thing. But it’s quite hard work," he said.

"I’ve also got a wife that hates animals – it’s like I’ve brought in a child from another marriage."

Danny welcomed Debbie into the family shortly before the pandemic.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Dyer opened up about some health issues down there, where he explained that he has a condition known as hydrocele.

The condition causes a type of swelling in the scrotum, and happens when fluid collects in a thin sac surrounding the testicle.

Hydroceles usually go away with time, but Dyer has been struggling with it for years, as he said: "I’ve already had an ultrascan on it back in the day, and it’s worrying me, it’s a f**king big bullock."

If that wasn't enough of a mental image for you, he then likened his d*ck and balls to a 'f*****g slug on an apple’.

That is certainly an image a lot of us will want to be getting out of her head.

Featured Image Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage/Instagram/@officialdannydyer

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