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New dating technique says women shouldn’t sleep with a man until they’ve spent $2,000 on her

New dating technique says women shouldn’t sleep with a man until they’ve spent $2,000 on her

Dating expert Jana Hocking says there are a few reasons why this is a game-changer.

Being single and dating in the 2020s is wild.

Not only did the start of the decade have lockdown restrictions placed on wannabe lovers but the growth of various dating apps means everyone has a chance at finding 'The One'.

There have also been plenty of new terms like 'phubbing', 'vulturing' and 'dexting' that have defined certain aspects of modern dating culture.

However, there's a new dating technique that is emerging and it really ups the ante on the whole 'three date rule'.

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The three date rule has been hugely popular and encourages people not to be physically intimate with another until at least the third encounter.

It's thought that by that time each person would be interested in continuing the relationship because any earlier and one person might get bored and head off.

Enter the $2,000 date rule.

Dating expert Jana Hocking says there is a theory going around social media at the moment that encourages women to hold off on getting into the bedroom until a bloke has spent a decent amount of money on them.

"The first reason why this new rule is kinda growing on me is that if a guy is willing to go on enough dates to warrant $2,000 out of pocket expense, then there’s a fair chance the guy is properly invested in you," she said in an article on

"I mean, if a libido can withstand that many dates, then he’s a keeper."

"The second reason I like this rule, and I think most importantly, is spending that amount of time together without getting distracted by nakedness might actually help us get all those icks out of the way nice and early."

She discovered the theory from a dating podcast host called Tink.

Jana admitted she wasn't onboard with the concept at first because two grand is a hell of a lot of money to spend on someone.

But she's coming around to it because that sum of money would definitely give you enough time to work out whether this person was worth going all the way for.

The dating expert says the theory obviously doesn't work for those who are super wealthy because they could drop that sort of cash in a heartbeat.

But she reckons it's worth considering for regular folk.

"I let my mind wander to the couple of gents I’ve jumped into bed with after three to five dates and I thought, 'sheesh if I was living by that theory I could probably have avoided a couple of mistakes'," she said.

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