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Delivery driver leaves stunned customer note after eating their food

Delivery driver leaves stunned customer note after eating their food

Only his drink was left untouched

A man who just wanted to get his food was left stunned after opening his delivery and discovering his driver had eaten his meal. Watch his video here:

TikToker, @thesuedeshow, had ordered a meal from WingStop but when it arrived, all he got was a box full of bones and a note explaining the situation.

He said: "I cannot make this up. Here I am ordering some WingStop. In my bag, I get this."

Pulling a paper tray that ought to have been full of fries out of his delivery bag, he reveals it is completely empty, apart from a couple of stains and a note lodged inside.

The man was left with no food, just a note.

It gets even worse as he continues to pull the rest of his order out of the bag, though there was some small crumb of comfort in his drink being left intact.

He continued: "Now I know you noticed the fries gone. My drink is to the top and everything intact but again my fries gone and a damn note in it.

"Open up the wings, the wings is damn ate y'all."

Revealing the contents of the box of chicken wings, all that remained inside were the bones stripped clean of all meat by the delivery driver.

The note left with the food reads: "I'm sorry I 8 cho food. I'm broke n hungry. Consider it like ur payin it 4ward. I'm quitting this lame ass job n e way. B blessed - Your Door Dash guy." [sic]

Opening his delivery, he found only disappointment as his wings had been eaten.

People were split over what to think about the delivery driver eating the man's food, as many thought it was an awful thing to do, while others felt sympathy for someone who said they were so hungry that they had to eat his meal.

One person said: 'them being hungry is not your problem it's their problem', while another argued back that it was 'all our problem' and that 'someone working a job should be able to afford food for themselves'.

Plenty also piled in with tips and advice for the unfortunate man, suggesting he seek a refund and try to get compensation for his food turning up already eaten.

Others wondered why the delivery driver hadn't just eaten the food, recorded the delivery as completed, and not even bothered to leave a note at all.

While he was left without his food he did end up with a refund and later said he'd be picking up his food himself from now on, rather than leaving it to be delivered.

LADbible has contacted Door Dash for comment.

Featured Image Credit: @thesuedeshow / TikTok

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