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Wheelchair passenger told he will be dragged off plane by police with guns

Wheelchair passenger told he will be dragged off plane by police with guns

Travel vlogger Cory Lee captured the moment on video and shared it on social media.

This is the moment a wheelchair passenger on a flight was told by flight attendants that he'd be escorted off the flight by TSA 'with all their guns'. Watch below:

Cory Lee, a travel blogger who is based in Georgia, was diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy when he was two years old. He has used a wheelchair for most of his life but this hasn’t stopped him from traveling the globe and documenting his adventures on social media.

During a Delta flight from Santiago, Chile to Atlanta, Georgia on 13 November, Lee captured the moment he learned that his wheelchair wasn’t ready for him when the plane landed.

The flight crew approached him with the aisle chair used to transport wheelchair users to their own chairs however Lee asked if his power chair was ready at the bridge, Fox News reports.

Cory travels frequently.

Lee said he told the Delta flight crew members he would wait on the plane until his chair was at the bridge when he was informed it wasn’t at the bridge yet, which is when the situation took a dramatic turn.

He filmed as one attendant told him that he needed to let the team take him off the plane otherwise TSA (Transportation Security Administration) would get him 'off the aircraft with all their guns and stuff’.

Lee said his request to wait for his chair is what angered the flight attendants.

"They were talking to each other, saying, 'He just doesn't want to get off the plane'," Lee told Fox News. "Believe me, I definitely wanted to get off the plane."

The flight attendants did not want to grant Lee his request.

Lee’s request for his power chair falls under the Air Carrier Access Act which states the following on the U.S. Department of Transportation website: “You can request that your wheelchair or walker be returned to you on the jet way at your destination airport and not the baggage claim area. Airlines are required to return wheelchairs to users as closely as possible to the door of the aircraft if requested."

A statement from Delta Airlines to Fox News about the matter reads: "The exchange in this video does not reflect the high standard of care Delta people aspire to every day," the statement said. "We are reviewing what occurred here and will follow up as appropriate with our people. Delta has reached out to this customer directly to hear more about what they experienced and to offer further apologies."

LADbible has contacted Delta Airlines for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@curbfreecorylee

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