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Dog scales the wall of her shelter to be with her best puppy pal

Dog scales the wall of her shelter to be with her best puppy pal

They say dogs are man's best friend, but have you wondered who is a dog's best friend? Well, it turns out its other dogs.

Animal shelter staffers have been left baffled by one of their dogs who apparently is more Houdini than hound.

Brenda the pit bull wound up at Minneapolis Animal Care and Control at around the same time as fellow pit bull Linda.

They've since become the closest of gal pals and have a bond so strong that nothing could keep them apart.

Not even concrete could separate them because Brenda started scaling the actual walls just to hang out with her pooch pal.

Linda and Brenda.
Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control

Minneapolis Animal Care and Control staffer Madison Weissenborn said she'd never seen two dogs become so inseparable so quickly.

"Me and another employee were walking through the kennels, and we walked by and we had to do a triple take, like, 'What's going on?' Because two [pit bulls] came to the front of the kennel to greet us,'" Weissenborn explained, according to PEOPLE.

She added: "We were like 'what!?'"

Security camera footage captured how wily Brenda had been manoeuvring out of her pen.

Weissenborn said she and her colleagues realised from that moment on that Linda and Brenda were a package deal when it came to finding them a fur-ever home.

"We knew that they had to be together," she said. "We rewatched the video that we have, and I just about died. I was like this is truly magnificent."

See the full clip below.

Older or bigger dogs can be tough to rehome and pound admissions are constantly rising, with coronavirus and a cost of living crisis both responsible for a spike in surrenders.

"People are moving away, moving into places that don't allow specific breeds," Weissenborn explained.

"We're also seeing people experiencing homelessness that didn't before and are [many are] just in hard times."

But surrenders aren't the biggest challenge for shelters.

According to the US Animal Humane Society, there’s also a mass shortage of vet techs.

Animal Humane Society director of veterinary medicine Dr Graham Brayshaw revealed that veterinary staff numbers have dropped significantly since the coronavirus pandemic.

Brenda the baddie.
Friends of Minneapolis Animal Care & Control

"We probably have about two-thirds of our vet tech staffing compared to what we had pre-pandemic for the same number of buildings, which means we can't help the same number of animals," Dr Brayshaw said, as per CBS.

As for Brenda and Linda, one lucky Minneapolis family has already snapped them up.

The dream team has stayed together; their futures intertwined and forever at each other's side.

But there are plenty of other puppers out there looking for love, so go on, get out there and find your own.

Because Brenda and Linda are fine as they have each other.

Featured Image Credit: CBS

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