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Domino's responds after hungry customer is scammed out of £420 on fake pizza site

Domino's responds after hungry customer is scammed out of £420 on fake pizza site

Pizza chain Domino's has issued a response after a hungry customer was scammed out of a lot of money.

Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where scammers continue to thrive in the modern world we are all living in.

Whether that is common scams involving banks that we see all the time, or the less typical ones involving the 'Armageddon alarm' that happened back in April.

Whatever it may be, scams can often be hard to spot, especially in areas you less expect such wrongdoing to go on.

One of those areas is certainly when ordering pizza, especially when you see the delicious treat is coming from a reputable brand.

Well, that's what a lot of hungry pizza lovers thought they were doing as they ordered from the Domino's website.

However, the problem was that the site turned out to be fake, and while it looks exactly like a Domino's ordering page, it was, in fact, made by a scammer.

Many have been scammed by a fake Domino's site.

As reported by the Daily Mail Australia, the scammers' page looked very similar to the actual Domino's site, but instead was spelt with a 'j' instead of an 'I'.

It also didn't give customers the option to pay in store or use PayPal, which can be used in the real Domino's chain.

One victim, from Australia, took to Facebook to warn pizza lovers about the scam, saying: "I googled it and clicked on the very first results, which it takes me into this website.

"Went through their menu, selected a few pizzas, then I was wondering how come there is no option for paying via PayPal. Then I saw the website address."

That Facebook user wasn't the only pizza lover to have problems, with others taking to social media to warn others about the scam.

"I noticed that my regular order wasn't there. So I tried again. Use their App," one woman wrote on social media.

However, for some, the warning came too late as they were caught out by the scammers.

One woman even told the story of how one of her mum's colleagues was scammed after she thought she was ordering pizza.

The pizza chain has issued a response.

"My mum's workmate got $800 (£420) taken by using this site accidentally and no pizza or sign of money being returned," one woman wrote on Facebook.

While others took to social media to reveal how they stop the scammers in their tracks.

"I have a bank account I only use for online shopping - I put the money in it as I buy things - it minimises the risk," one woman wrote.

Since this pizza scam came to light, Domino's told the Daily Mail's FEMAIL page they reported the fake site once they were made aware of it.

LADbible has reached out to Domino's for further comment.

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