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Punters shocked at price of drinks at Wembley Blur gig

Punters shocked at price of drinks at Wembley Blur gig

How much?!

Going to see a band is an expensive affair these days.

Ticket prices, even when bought at their face value, are eye-wateringly expensive. And that's assuming you manage to avoid ticket scalpers who buy up multiple tickets to resell at extortionate prices.

Then when you even get to the venue itself you're faced with the cost of having a drink while enjoying the music. There's nothing like a trapped audience to push up the costs, right?

Well, concert-goers who went to see Blur at Wembley Stadium recently found themselves stung by the high costs that venues charge for drinks.

As much as fans enjoyed watching Blur at Wembley Stadium, they didn't enjoy the prices so much.
Lorne Thomson/Redferns

Signs have shown some frankly ludicrous prices for various drinks including cans of Budweiser and Budweiser on draft, Captain Morgans, Jack Daniel's, and white wine.

However, a lot of patrons decided to not drink at the venue as the cost of the drinks was simply too high.

But exactly how much was it?

Well, according to one menu, if you wanted a pint (or 568ml as it's listed on the menu) of Budweiser, that would set you back £7.85. For that much I'd be weighing it to make sure every millilitre was there!

Four cans for £27.50, what a bargain!

But that's not it. If you fancy a glass of white wine, that'll set you back £9.99 for 250ml. Meanwhile, a 330ml of Jack Daniels and coke, which would set you back £2.30 at Tesco, costs a whopping £8.00.

What if you fancy a can of beer instead? Well, you could get a four pack of Budweiser. In a supermarket this would cost you about £6.00 for the four cans but here, it's £27.50 for four.


Of course, you can expect some mark up in a venue as opposed to a supermarket, but even taking that into account £27.50 for four cans of beer is ludicrous.

And for those fancying a cocktail, a large spiced rum and cola or a Dark & Stormy would set you back £13.

Some fans said they'd be staying sober to avoid the prices.

Other attendees took to social media to complain about the prices.

One wrote alongside a vomit emoji: "Are Wembley stadium ok having these as the only drinks at the bar? Vodka and coke... £7.50 for a £1.50 can."

Another posted: "Seeing the Pet Shop Boys tonight at the Wembley Arena … which is exciting! Less exciting are the drinks prices. £7.15 for a 330ml can of Heineken , £16.25 for a double Gordon’s gin & mixer.

"I don’t go to a lot of gigs but this feels like taking the p**s."

Maybe go and see the gig and then go for drinks afterwards, if you can make it past ticket scalpers.

Featured Image Credit: Jay Barratt/Getty Images/ Twitter/@GlastoTopTips

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