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Drivers urged to check under car before driving on winter mornings

Drivers urged to check under car before driving on winter mornings

Temperatures could drop below zero overnight, the Met Office have said

Drivers are being urged to check under their vehicle before setting off to work in the winter mornings.

Temperatures in the UK could drop below zero overnight, the Met Office have said, as Brits prepare for the icy lead-up to Christmas and New Year.

Waking up to vehicles covered in frost is becoming the norm and before cleaning your windscreen, there's one more thing experts want you to look out for.

Motor experts want drivers to check underneath their car and around the wheel arches prior to setting off.

Cats and other animal often hide underneath cars to try and stay warm in the winter months.

Sleeping cats, in particular, are at risk of being injured or killed if you drive off without checking.

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"No driver wants to be responsible for the death of somebody's beloved pet cat," Tim Alcock from said.

"But on these cold mornings, it's important to bear in mind that someone's furry friend may be peacefully slumbering under the car.

"We're asking every driver to spend a couple of minutes checking for any pets that might be lurking around the tyres or under the car.

"If you do find a cat under the car give it a nudge or shoo it away before turning the engine on and gently pulling away.

"It's important for all drivers to be aware of this and not just those who own cats. After all, cats don't just target their owner's cars for a snooze. Any vehicle is fair game to them."

Tim added: "Accidentally harming a neighbour's cat could seriously damage relations with the neighbour themselves and could lead to all kinds of bitterness and other issues.

"So it really is worth taking a few minutes each morning to make sure there are no cats under the car. Unlike dogs, it isn't a good idea to let sleeping cats lie."

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Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge has also issued a stark weather warning to the UK, explaining: "Along with the cold air there are a number of weather-related hazards including freezing fog, especially for Sunday and Monday mornings in the south of England.

"Overnight temperatures are likely to dip widely below zero with some more sheltered spots dropping to -10C.

"Our forecasters are looking at the possibility of snow affecting the south-east of England on Sunday night and into Monday morning.

"If this happens it could bring some disruption to Monday's rush hour."

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