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Alleged Drug Dealer Dresses As Delivery Driver To Sell Around City Centre

Alleged Drug Dealer Dresses As Delivery Driver To Sell Around City Centre

Greater Manchester Police caught a delivery driver acting suspiciously and found more than just takeaways in his bag

Greater Manchester Police have arrested a delivery driver in Manchester city centre on suspicion of drug dealing.

Police initially arrested the man after finding his behaviour to be suspicious and upon searching his belongings officers 'found more than the Chef's special' inside.

GMP tweeted a picture of the alleged drug dealer and gave the public a sneak peek inside his bag which appeared to contain plenty of items you wouldn't find on the menus of your favourite takeaway.

A further image of the contents of the bag laid out appeared to show several bags of drugs and some seized cash.

The man was arrested for Possession with Intent to Supply Drugs.

GMP also offered an apology to anyone who might have had to go without their takeaway on a Saturday night because they'd nicked the delivery driver.

The city centre arrestee, who has not been named, was wearing a blue jacket and motorcycle helmet when police picked him up.

Depending on the class of drug he was allegedly meant to be dealing, the man could be facing a maximum term of life imprisonment if he is convicted of possession with intent to supply.

Sentencing in such cases is complicated as the police and prosecutors must prove that the quantity of drugs seized or other paraphernalia recovered from the defendant shows they weren't planning on keeping all of the drugs for themselves.

Greater Manchester Police often posts about their activity on social media. (
The Laird of Oldham via Creative Commons)

Finding items such as cash, phones or measuring tools in addition to sufficient quantities of drugs can be grounds for an arrest on the charge of possession with intent to supply, drugs packaged individually as though they are going to be sold separately can also be a contributing factor.

This is not the first time an alleged drug dealer has been dressed as a delivery driver, as The Independent reports a teenager was arrested in London last year as the police found individual bags of cannabis and £520 worth of cash in his bag along with a mobile phone suspected to contain evidence of drug dealing.

The teen failed to escape when officers made the decision to stop him, following enquiries it was confirmed that he did not work for any delivery service.

Featured Image Credit: Greater Manchester Police

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