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Homeowner fined £750 for letting dog poo in their own garden and leaving it

Homeowner fined £750 for letting dog poo in their own garden and leaving it

Durham County Council have fined the Stanley resident £754 for the dog poo and rubbish left in their garden

A dog owner has been hit with a large fine after their pet pooed in their own garden and neighbours complained about the smell.

If you’re a dog owner, you might want to take note of this, because it turns out that you can still be fined for leaving dog poo, even if it’s on your own property.

Also, you should probably just pick it up anyway – it’s seriously gross.

Anyway, in this instance the resident was fined £750 after ignoring four different notices from Durham County Council after complaints were made about the offensive odours.

That meant that they were dragged before the court and slapped with a serious financial penalty.

As you can see, there's a fair bit of dog poo there.

Neighbours had complained about the unnamed resident and their pooch before, leading to a Community Protection Warning against them last October.

After they were given a week to sort the mess out and failed to do so, council inspectors came back around to the property in Stanley, taking no action at the time.

However, they were then prosecuted for failing to comply with a Community Protection Notice and for failing to remove waste from their property.

The defendant did not turn up to the courtroom on April 19, but the case was still proven in their absence.

That means that they were left with costs and fines that total £754.

An expensive bill that could have been avoided just by picking up after their own dog.

Just pick up after your dogs folks.

One neighbour is quoted as having said: “I don’t know the person involved but I know the neighbours have been getting fed up with the smell and having to look at it all the time.

“It’s pretty rank, especially when the weather gets warmer.

“You can only imagine how bad the stench will be.

“I think everyone’s pretty happy that the council have taken action.”

Another nearby resident added: "If you keep pets then you have to clean up after them but at least all the mess is in their own yard and not left on the paths where kids can step in it."

On February 2, the Neighbourhood Warden had another complaint with regards to dog faeces and rubbish on the property, sending out a letter and submitting a further statement to the court.

In total, the person was ordered to pay £754 in fines and costs.

The council’s neighbourhood protection manager Ian Hoult said: “The build-up of mess in the yard was not only unsightly, but was becoming a health risk, specifically for children in the area which is unacceptable.

“We receive almost 4,000 reports a year about untidy yards and gardens that are having a negative impact on our communities.

“On investigation we give people the chance to rectify the problem, however we will take action against those who don’t.

“We are asking the public to report untidy yards and gardens in their area via our Do It Online system or by calling 03000 26000.”

If the resident fails to pay off the fine by May 17, they could face further legal action.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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