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Eamonn Holmes caught swearing on live TV in awkward on-air blunder

Eamonn Holmes caught swearing on live TV in awkward on-air blunder

Eamonn Holmes and GB News co-host Isabel Webster were caught swearing on live TV appearing to not realise the cameras were rolling

Eamonn Holmes and GB News co-host Isabel Webster were caught swearing on live TV, appearing to not realise the cameras were rolling.

When he's not launching yet another attack on This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby and former ITV employee Phillip Schofield, Holmes is letting his rage out in the form of expletives.

Now to be fair to Holmes, we all do it, we just don't all have the misfortune of being on national television when we do, not that the 63-year-old seemed to realise the cameras were rolling that is.

GB News' Eamonn Holmes and Isabel Webster were both caught swearing on live TV Tuesday, 6 June.
GB News

Yesterday morning (6 June), instead of taking to our screens to fire another shot at Schofield - such as claiming he was actually fired, or calling him out for a 'delusional statement' - Holmes appeared on his regular slot, GB News' breakfast show.

Sitting alongside co-host Webster, the pair seemingly didn't realise the cameras were still rolling and their microphones very much still on.

Webster was the first to make the blunder, saying 'I'm a b***h', before commenting: "If only they knew."

And unfortunately for the co-host, viewers may not know exactly what she's talking about, but they did all hear her swear.

GB News

Holmes is next to follow, questioning how the 'f**k' he's going to get home.

The sound of the pair speaking is then cut - channeling the same energy as when you don't realise your music is playing out loud and not through your headphones and you frantically dial down your volume to mute your phone.

The presenting duo then realise they're on air, leading to a panic-stricken look from Webster, an awkward scratch of the neck from Holmes and Webster launching right back in with the topic of climate change.

There's nothing like a bit of climate change to take the heat off.
GB News

It may have only been two swear words which were uttered and an awkward moment which lasted seconds, but viewers didn't miss a beat, flocking to social media to flag the inappropriate language.

One Twitter user said: "Oh dear. Was that @EamonnHolmes swearing live on @GBNEWS?"

"Disgusting. Fire them both," another added.

A third commented: "How? Does anyone actually watch that garbage?"

And a final resolved: "Caught by who? Why would anyone be watching this?"

Holmes isn't the only presenter to have an awkward moment live on TV either, after Loose Women presenter - and Holmes' wife - Ruth Langsford had an uncomfortable run-in with Willoughby, which left viewers cringing over the hand-over.

LADbible has contacted GB News for comment.

Featured Image Credit: GB News

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