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Eurostar Launches Huge Sale With Tickets To Paris From £39

Eurostar Launches Huge Sale With Tickets To Paris From £39

Eurostar has revealed heavily discounted tickets to multiple popular destinations.

Eurostar has revealed heavily discounted tickets to multiple popular destinations as part of a huge fare sale.

While the weather has been getting brighter and warmer, if, like me, you've not stepped outside the country in nearly four years and have been dreaming of some sun, delicious food and not staring at your computer screen all day every day... then this deal is for you.

Eurostar has released a limited number of tickets to some top destinations for just £39 each way.

The trains all depart from London St. Pancras and the destinations on offer are: Paris, Brussels, Lille, Rotterdam or Amsterdam.

Dates of travel range from 4 May to 24 August, however some prices may vary.

Eurostar claims the tickets are being sold at the site's 'lowest price'.

The transport operator noted the £39 tickets are for seats in Standard class 'when you purchase a mandatory return trip'.

Eurostar has launched £39 tickets for certain destinations from London.

There are a total of 17,500 seats in Standard class available from London to Paris, and the same applies to the return trip.

There are 12,5000 Standard class seats available when travelling from London to Brussels or Lille

But between London and Rotterdam, there are just 4,000 seats in Standard class.

Thankfully, the tickets are also flexible, which means customers will be able to exchange them in Standard 'as many times as they want without paying an exchange fee as long as tickets are exchange seven days or more before the departure date of their individual journey'.

With Eurostar's discounted tickets you can go to destinations such as Paris, Brussels, Lille, Rotterdam or Amsterdam.

However, if the ticket is exchanged for a ticket with a higher price, the customer will have to pay the difference.

Tickets are also non-refundable.

Users have since flocked to social media in excitement over the news, however, one user commiserated: "Effin hell, I *just* booked yesterday."

Another experienced a whole rollercoaster of emotions: "Oh my good, eurostar’s got a sale on that means i could spend my birthday in paris for $100 round-trip.

"I'm gonna do it. should i do it? i think i’m gonna do it. I did it."

There are only 35,000 discounted tickets available so make sure to get in there quick if you're looking for some cheap summer sun.

Whether you fancy munching on some cheese and a baguette before visiting the Louvre in Paris, or taking a trip on a boat down the canals of Amsterdam... the world is your oyster.

The UK may have quaint British countryside and cities such as London which are extremely popular with tourists, but after years in a pandemic, who wouldn't want a change of scenery?

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