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Expert Urges Brits To Move Their Dinner Times To Avoid Blackouts This Winter

Expert Urges Brits To Move Their Dinner Times To Avoid Blackouts This Winter

The British public could be asked to cut their energy consumption over the winter in the face of gas shortages.

Britain might be heading into another winter of discontent marred by soaring energy costs and event the potential for blackouts.

While Brits might be feeling warm and toasty now thanks to the incoming heatwave, by the end of 2022 it'll be much colder and millions of households will be thinking about having the heating on.

That'll cost more than ever as rising energy prices could leave plenty thinking about putting up with chilly temperatures rather than spending more than they can afford this winter.

Even so, according to the Daily Mail it's possible that six million households could face power cuts and blackouts as the Russian invasion of Ukraine limits the supply of gas.

Russia exports huge amounts of natural gas but have been slapped by punishing sanctions as few countries want to do much business with Putin's warmongering regime.

Brits could be asked to move their mealtimes to help avoid energy blackouts this winter.

Sir John Armitt, chairman of the UK National Infrastructure Commission, said the government needs to 'have a PR exercise' to get the message out to the public over energy usage in the winter.

He said: "People will have to shift their cooking patterns. Do we need to heat our homes at 21C or is it more efficient to have a steady lower temperature?

"The Government could ask people to turn down their thermostats. I'd be amazed if the Government didn't do this at some point this winter."

Describing asking the public to cut down on their energy usage as 'the responsible thing to do', he urged the government to 'treat the public like grownups'.

Unfortunately for the public, the government is a bit busy imploding at the moment so any PR campaign to get the message out about the difficult winter Brits are facing will have to wait.

Brits could be asked to turn down their heating this winter.

Most Brits eat their dinner between 6pm and 8pm, meaning energy consumption jumps during these hours as ovens, hobs and microwaves do the hard work of cooking a nation's evening meal.

A significant chunk of Britain's energy comes from natural gas, meaning shortages run the risk of people enduring energy shortages and potential blackouts come the winter.

Some households will have been preparing well in advance for the difficult winter as they already can't afford to keep the heating on and are watching their energy consumption.

Already high energy bills could leap even higher by October, further putting the squeeze on people who are already struggling to make ends meet in this cost of living crisis.

Money Saving Expert founder Martin Lewis has warned that a 'catastrophic' winter with rising costs could 'push millions into poverty' in the UK.

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