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Fans shocked at the state of ‘rip off’ food in World Cup fan zones including £9 salad

Fans shocked at the state of ‘rip off’ food in World Cup fan zones including £9 salad

Fans are disappointed, but not surprised

Football fans are gearing up for the World Cup, which kicks off on Sunday 20th November in Qatar.

But some World Cup-goers have been left shocked at the state of the food in Qatar's fan zones, and honestly, it’s giving serious Fyre Fest sandwich vibes.

If you know, you know.

Event organisers previously vowed to put on the ‘best Fifa Fan Festival in history’ with this year’s World Cup, but what appears to follow is an event with cramped, overpriced dwelling options and lacklustre food.

Take this wilted ‘Greek salad’ for example, which reportedly costs an eye-watering £9, or the burger, which resembles a hockey puck with a singular slice of plastic cheese and tomato that will set fans back £25 when combined with a pint.

I mean, it’s hardly appetising, is it?

This less-than-appealing 'Greek' salad will cost fans £9.

Reports have also surfaced of a rather sad-looking box of dry nachos with a minuscule amount of guacamole which set football fans back £4.60, while at £8, you’ll get an average portion of chicken quesadillas, and costs the same amount as a pepperoni pizza.

Fans have quickly taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the food options across the eight stadiums, and let’s just say, they’re not too happy about it.

“That’s depressing,” one onlooker wrote beneath the questionable food fans have already shared there, while another said: “Better than paying for a Twitter blue tick.”

Someone else offered: “I mean if you’re eating/drinking in the fan park you’re kind of asking for it,” while a different person wrote: “You would think with all the money sloshing about over there they could afford one or two food stylists.”

The burger patty unfortunately resembles a hockey puck.

On the FIFA World Cup Qatar website, there is a section dedicated to ‘cuisine’ where they detail a number of different, much, much more appealing eating and drinking options in the area.

“A number of providers offer an Arabian grilled feast by the sea,” the site explains. “Enjoy the contrast of turquoise oceans and vast deserts in the soft, warm hues of sunset. If you’re adventurous, you can even have a sunset swim.

“Enjoy a taste sensation at one of Qatar's numerous fine dining establishments.

"Take in Doha's spectacular skyline and immerse yourself in a range of cuisines including Arabic, French fusion, Asian, Mexican and truly spectacular seafood, with a serving of local culture thrown in for good measure.”

The food resembles that of Fyre Fest (pictured).

The site concludes: “With close to 3000 restaurants and dining experiences to choose from, a trip to Doha is sure to be a sublime culinary trip, as well as an adrenaline-filled football event.

"Remember that the weekend starts on a Friday, so be sure to book a table for a glamorous brunch or a top-notch dining extravaganza.”

I’m not sure fans are getting what was written on the tin there, but whatever floats your boat.

LADbible has contacted a representative of FIFA for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@FBAwayDays/@FootyScran

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