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Fast-Food Worker Says They Had To Sleep At Burger King Because Their Neighbours Are Too Noisy

Fast-Food Worker Says They Had To Sleep At Burger King Because Their Neighbours Are Too Noisy

The fast-food worker says their neighbour's loud music can go into the night

A fast-food worker says their neighbours blast music so loudly late into the night that they had to go to Burger King to sleep. 

Audrey Femen, 32, said their neighbour’s anti-social antics left them unable to get a proper night’s sleep and now fears that the noise may kick off again. 

Audrey, who is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, said the noise got so bad that they once returned to the Burger King branch they worked in and slept there. 

Audrey, from Hull, told the Mirror: "Last year was unbelievable, it drove me insane. I've not heard anything from them for the past couple of months but I've had that before.

Audrey Femen, 32, said they have been left unable to sleep.

"I don't know if they still live there. I've never seen them - I wouldn't be able to point them out. The only time I've seen them is when I go over at night and tell them to pack it in.

"They play the loudest music ever. Because it's a curved terraced building it just pounds round. They set up a sound system in the backyard, like a DJ set thing, it was serious - like three-foot speakers.

"You could hear it all the time, I used to put my headphones on and listen to my music but I couldn't because their music was too loud.

"There was no way I could drown it out."

Audrey says the music would go on late into the night and during bank holidays and special occasions it was even worse. 

 "The worst was Christmas eve, it started around midnight and didn't stop until Christmas day.

"That was my only day off as well out of seven days. At the time I was working at Burger King.


"Usually I start at 7 or 8 o clock, one time, on New Year's Eve, because I find it hard to sleep anyway, the fireworks finished at 1:00am then I was just dropping off at 3:00am and then the music started. I gave up, got a taxi to work and slept there.

"I asked them to turn it down a couple of times, and each time they just told me to go away - they weren't bothered.”

Audrey says they have reported the noise to the council ‘about ten times’ via its website but that so far no action has been taken.

Although the noise has now stopped, Audrey fears it may return, adding: "Four months is the longest gap I've had, so it probably will come back at some point."

LADbible contacted Hull City Council for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Mirrorpix/Alamy

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