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Alleged Serial Killer Storms Out Of Interview With Piers Morgan

Alleged Serial Killer Storms Out Of Interview With Piers Morgan

Whether you like Piers Morgan or not, you have to admit that when it comes to his career, he's dedicated to it.

He doesn't let anyone else's opinions get in the way of his own, standing by everything he says. On some occasions he will go against the grain, meaning it sparks outrage from the world of Twitter. However, there are times when he speaks on behalf of the masses, which is an odd sensation.


Proving his desire to do right by his duties as an interviewer, he was in no way scared by convicted murderer Mark Riebe, who he interviewed for ITV's Crime and Punishment series.

Credit: ITV/Crime and Punishment

In 1998, Riebe was jailed for the murder of Donna Callahan, which occurred on 6th August, 1989, after his half brother William Alex Wells revealed it was him to the authorities, despite them having no hint that it was him.

The convict claims that because he was so intoxicated on medication and alcohol, he has no recollection of the incident.


He was sentenced to at least 25 years behind bars, and during his sentence he has been linked to a number of unsolved murders, all of which were similar cases.

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In the dramatic clip, Riebe doesn't want to answer a question regarding his crimes, and so says the interview is over.

He stands up, removing his microphone and storming off.

"See Mark, I don't believe you, I think you are a serial killer," Morgan says. "I think you did kill these women. I think these families of these women need justice."

Riebe replies: "Well, you're wrong. This is over. We're done. I answered your questions."

The 52-year-old then attempts to put the convict in his place, saying: "Why are you running away? Why don't you sit here like a man and answer these questions? I know I'm not a 110lb woman you can kill. You did kill them didn't you? You killed them all."

Credit: Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Riebe categorically denies the allegations that he killed a further six women, though Morgan, along with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, believe he is guilty.

ITV say the new Crime and Pumishment is 'high impact' and will be hosted by big name talent, including Gordon Ramsay, Ross Kemp, Susanna Reid, Sir Trevor McDonald and Piers Morgan.

Morgan's episode, Serial Killer with Piers Morgan, will be the last in the series.

Featured Image Credit: ITV/Crime and Punishment

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