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First cousins announced they were dating by posting a photo of them kissing in family Facebook group

First cousins announced they were dating by posting a photo of them kissing in family Facebook group

There's keeping it in the family, then there is this.

Love can be an all encompassing emotion that can drive us to do wild or even reckless things.

And it's these intense, corner pockets of romance that are explored by Prime Video's Extreme Love.

One couple who featured on the show put everything at risk for love, including possible criminal charges and dangerous genetic issues for their children.

Utah couple Michael Lee and Angela Paeng are called the 'Kissing Cousins' because that's quite literally what they are.

They're first cousins who decided to get freaky with each other.

And they revealed their secret love to their family in a pretty wild way, sharing a picture of the two of them ramming their tongues down each other's throats on a relative-run Facebook group.

Wonder what Grandma made of it all. Oh, and we do mean the one Grandma. They share the same one, after all.

Well, their family didn't take it that well.

"They were shocked and horrified," Michael told Extreme Love.

Looking at the picture they shared, we can see why.

Anyway, these canoodling cousins grew up in Utah and were close as kids. Obviously a little too close.

Michael told the Prime Video TV show about a time in primary school when he and Angela slow-danced together in a closet.

The snap they shared with family.
Extreme Love/Prime Video

Oh, and then there was the time their parents (who are brother and sister) found them pashing.


The two were kept apart after that, but the pair reconnected at a family reunion.

Both Angela and Michael were married to other people but split with their partners before rekindling their whole Kissing Cousin thing.

The two raunchy relatives reunited at a family reunion, which led them to throw caution - as well as their morals and respect for genetics - to the wind.

Their family has shunned their relationship and people on social media haven't been too open to the whole thing, either.

One user said: "The way that they came out to the family was so disrespectful, adding insult to injury."

A second added: "I feel bad for their future kid, he/she doesn’t deserve what’s coming for them."

A third commented: "They look like the male and female versions of each other. It's like having a crush on your own reflection but opposite gender. Self-admiration much?"

Extreme Love/Prime Video

The couple has since married, but not in their home state of Utah as their wedding would be considered incest by law.

So they jumped across state lines to Colorado where it is legal.

Since the documentary, the couple has had two children together, who seem to be fine and healthy.

Which is lucky, as their shared genetic material actually doubles the risk of serious birth defects for their children, the Guardian reports.

Michael passed away in 2021 after the couple shared their story, wedding, and two children with the world.

Angela is now a single mother to their two children.

Featured Image Credit: Extreme Love/Prime Video

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