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Fisherman gets ruler tattoo on his leg so he can always measure his catch

Fisherman gets ruler tattoo on his leg so he can always measure his catch

He's definitely committed to his craft.

A fisherman has taken his game to a new level after getting a ruler tattooed all along his leg to measure the size of each catch.

The anonymous man’s unique inking runs up his thigh down to his ankle.

He's showed off the design in a now-viral TikTok video, where he holds up a fish while measuring the animal against his leg. Watch below:

While we admire this man’s commitment, it’s definitely not the most subtle tattoo.

We’re sure he stops traffic every time he wears anything shorter than pants.

Many users were left shocked by the sight, as one person wrote: “Bro got a big fish ones and did not have a ruler on him he will never make that mistake again.”

Another said: “Now that's dedication.”

A third person wrote: “You should compare it to a ruler every year until you notice the measurements are off.”

Was it much more effort just to bring a ruler though?

While another commented: “As a carpenter.... I think this is a great idea.”

Surely grabbing a ruler while on duty isn’t too much trouble? However, this isn’t the only tattoo to make headlines this week.

An Australian woman recently went viral after she too got a ‘convenient tattoo’. Take a look below:

Rather than drawing on her freckles each morning, she decided to cut five minutes out of her beauty routine and instead get them permanently inked.

Michaela travelled 900 miles so Brisbane-based artist Daisy Lovesick could tattoo the beauty spots.

Daisy explained the process of inking the freckles in the video: "I always map my freckles with my clients sitting up and I have them go and look in the mirror to check that they're happy before we get started."

She added: "I get my clients to smile, make faces, talk, watch themselves in the mirror and make sure everything is lining up with their vision."

Michaela’s face was left red and swollen immediately after the procedure, but Daisy said it would go down in a few hours. 

Daisy is obviously quite skilled at what she does as she specialises in inking clients' faces and fulfilling their highly creative requests.

Recently, she documented another client getting a face full of rainbow freckles, which included the ‘Capricorn and Andromeda constellation’, stunning many users.

One person wrote: “I would fly from Canada for you!!! this is incredible.”

Another said: “This is gorgeous!!”

While another shared: “Oh my God, I've been looking for this exactly style of face tattoo! I didn't think it was possible!”

Featured Image Credit: willywu88 / TikTok.

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