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Flamingo Test Claims To Show If Over 50s Will Die In Next Seven Years

Flamingo Test Claims To Show If Over 50s Will Die In Next Seven Years

ITV's Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley opted to give the 'flamingo test' a go

On Wednesday's episode of Good Morning Britain, host Richard Madeley attempted the 'flamingo test', which is designed to see if over 50s will die in the next seven years. Watch below:

The so-called 'flamingo test' basically suggests that people over the age of 50 who are unable to stand and balance on one leg for 10 seconds are at double the risk of dying in the next seven years.

A team of global researchers, including experts from Bristol Medical School, basically examined data on 1,702 people from Brazil who's age ranges from 51 to 75.

The test apparently provides 'useful information regarding mortality risk in middle-aged and older men and women', reports Sky News.

That being said, on today's episode of GMB (22 June), Doctor Hilary Jones was invited onto the breakfast show to talk us through some of the latest guidelines on health and it didn't take him long to convince Madeley to have a go at the test.

The host ended up passing the first part of the test with flying colours, although, when asked to close his eyes and balance on one leg, he struggled to keep still.

Dr Hilary soon convinced the 66-year-old GMB host to have a go at the test.

Dr Hilary claimed: "Researchers have found that if you can pass this test, your risk of dying in the next seven years is much lower.

"If you can't pass this test, it's 84 per cent higher of death in the next seven years."

However, many on Twitter simply weren't having any of it, with one user commenting: "I fell after 3 seconds, how do I improve it? I already have high anxiety and now think I'm going to die soon... I'm 43."

Another added: "@DrHilaryJones - you are talking rubbish and scaremongering vulnerable people by telling them they have a 80 percent chance of death if they cannot do the flamingo test? Ive had a stroke and haven’t been able to stand on one leg for 20 years, and know plenty of other disabled that can't."

Many weren't convinced of the test's authenticity.

While a third commented: "Irresponsible broadcasting... whilst Dr Hilary was fairly clear on this study, it came across as 'if you don't pass this test ,you're going to die in the next seven years'. This will have scared many people."

Someone else commented: "Oh f**k off Hilary, I've got MS & couldn't possibly do the flamingo test !! Stop scaring people GPs will now be inundated with folk thinking they're gonna die !! #GMB Oh & Madeley passing it does NOT mean you WON'T die in the next 6 yrs either !!

"Judy has the #Ick wi you."

To which, another user agreed: "Absolutely this! What a way to send people into an unnecessary flap."

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