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​Domino's Launches Its Biggest Pizza Ever In Australia

​Domino's Launches Its Biggest Pizza Ever In Australia

When it comes to food, bigger is almost always better. Well, not for your arteries or for your bank balance, but in principal it's always tempting to go hard or go home.


With that in mind, Domino's has created something rather special for us all, in the form of its 'biggest pizza ever'. Oh mama.

Sharing a photo of the mammoth creation on Facebook, Domino's Australia wrote: "Who are you gonna call to help tackle our BIGGEST PIZZA EVER? Let us know below & we might send one your way #TheBigOne."

While many people tagged their mates, some claimed they'd be able to go at the giant pizza solo.

"For real guys I'll eat one myself," one guy wrote.


Another said he'd 'enjoy it alone' and would finish it in two days, to which someone else replied: "2 days? your game is weak. I can finish that while it's still hot."

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"Do we have to get help to eat it???" one woman asked, adding: "I could knock that off in 30 mins with a big glass of milk."

Good to see those Aussies can talk the talk - but how about letting the rest of us have a stab at it by releasing the gigantic pizza elsewhere, too? C'mon Domino's, we've all got so much to prove.

Mind you, if you're over in the UK and feeling peckish for pizza, there's one pub that might just have the alternative you need.

Mwah Pizza at The Carters Arms in Wilmslow, Greater Manchester, has taken this particular game to an entirely new level with its 40-inch pizza challenge, where two people are given half an hour to devour what is thought to be the country's largest wood-fired pie.

A spokesperson for the pub told LADbible: "Our monthly food challenge events give you the opportunity to take on the biggest pizza in the country. Pick a friend, pick your toppings, psych yourselves up and attack. Successful challengers will be refunded the cost of the pizza in full."

One courageous competitor who took on the challenge - but ultimately failed - also told JOE: "It is a brutal challenge. After 15 minutes into it I was fuller than I've ever been!

"After completing the City to Summit 20-hour endurance event in Scotland, the last 15 minutes of the pizza challenge felt much worse than that."

While I'd love to hop on a plane to try out Domino's new creation, realistically it's gonna be a train to Wilmslow. Not a bad second place, given that there's a 40-inch pizza waiting for me...

Featured Image Credit: Domino's

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