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​Gordon Ramsay Adds Vegan Roast To Menu, Gets Ripped To Shreds

​Gordon Ramsay Adds Vegan Roast To Menu, Gets Ripped To Shreds

Gordon Ramsay is known for dishing out the harsh words, but hopefully he's also ready to take the barrage of criticsm - having announced the addition of a vegan roast dinner to the menu at his London restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen, which people seem to have A LOT of opinions about.


Posting a video of gravy being poured onto the new vegan roast, which features some sort of vegetable-based wellington, Ramsay wrote: "It's happened....the #vegan roast has landed at @breadstkitchen! #roastrevolution."

While many people simply said it looked as though Ramsay had 'changed' - the online equivalent of a slow, disappointed head shake - others were a little less polite about the new addition to the menu, with one person tweeting: "Never seen a roast look less appetising."

Someone else commented: "It looks like a ready meal, what's wrong with you man?!?"

Another wrote: "Looks basic, tasteless and a bit grim tbh. Bit school dinners without the main event!"


A fourth, meanwhile, just said: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA loooool fuck is that."

Over on Instagram, others had similar feedback for the chef, with many also quoting one of his famous lines...

One wrote: "What's happened to you Gordon? Fucking vegan!! Where's the lamb sauce!!!?"


Someone else even questioned if they'd landed on a 'fake Gordon Ramsay account', asking: "What in the bollocks!?"

Thankfully for Gord, not everyone was a hater, as there were many other fans who reckoned the roast looked quite tasty.

"Yummm. Have never seen a vegan roast look like that!" one person said.

Defending him, another wrote: "YUM! Looks amazing! for everyone complaining that Gordon has made a vegan roast guess what... YOU DONT HAVE TO EAT IT hope that helps you calm down and not get upset over Gordon catering to everyone."

Ramsay's been openly quite critical of vegetarianism and veganism in the past, rinsing pop star Cheryl for following a strict vegetarian diet and saying in an interview with the Daily Mirror that his kids going vegetarian would be his 'biggest nightmare'.

"I would sit them on the fence and electrocute them," he said.

He also responded to a tweet asking if he added any allergies by simply writing 'Vegans', and last year he also tweeted to say: "I'm a member of PETA! People eating tasty animals."

Looks like someone's changed their tune, eh?

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