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Incredible footage shows what happens underwater when an earthquake strikes

Stewart Perrie

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Incredible footage shows what happens underwater when an earthquake strikes

There has been so much footage captured of earthquakes when they strike land.

You can look up countless hours of buildings swaying, furniture toppling over, people screaming and running for cover...the list goes on.

But it's rare to see an earthquake erupting under the sea and the impact it has on everything.

Scuba divers were unlucky enough to be a part of that during a recent expedition.


A video has been posted on TikTok that shows the divers casually going about their business and exploring the coral on the bottom of the ocean.

Everything looks calm and beautiful, with fish swimming by and doing their daily routines.

Then, out of nowhere, you can see a huge current pull the divers one way before they are thrown in the opposite direction.


Debris goes flying and the divers desperately try to cling on to anything.

The video ends before we get to see everything go back to normal, but it was enough to leave everyone on the internet completely shocked.

One TikTok user said: "Great, now I’ve added being in the ocean during an earthquake to my paranoia list."

Another added: "Diver grabbed onto a rock as if he was the one moving when it was the ground moving and the water staying still that is insane."


A third wrote: "Wow I’ve never even thought about what it would be like while underwater scuba diving during an earthquake! Do the currents change?!"

A fourth commented: "The way I have never considered that an earthquake would impact the ocean.. but like duh it would."

Stuff says the footage was captured in the Banda Sea surrounding the Maluku Islands of Indonesia.

The outlet also claims the earthquake that struck in this particular incident was registered as a 7.2 magnitude seismic event.


Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@brucediving

Topics: TikTok, Viral

Stewart Perrie
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