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Glastonbury Festival has secret tunnel which runs through the middle of the site

Glastonbury Festival has secret tunnel which runs through the middle of the site

The secret tunnel connects two parts of the festival site, sitting below the old railway line.

It's that time of year again; the time where millions of music lovers flock to Worthy Farm for a weekend of booze, music, more booze, and maybe even a bit of rain.

That can only mean one thing, Glastonbury Festival 2023 is here, with many big names heading to the long-running British festival.

Elton John is headlining Sunday's entertainment, while Arctic Monkeys take to the stage on the Friday and Guns N' Roses on Saturday - though there are some question marks surrounding the former's appearance, as frontman Alex Turner has been suffering from an acute case of laryngitis.

Glastonbury 2023 is finally here!
Anthony Brown / Alamy Stock Photo

Nonetheless, that is a different story in itself - though it would be a big disappointment to see the indie band not turn up.

All of the Pyramid Stage performances are discussed for years and played back on phones to kids that weren't old enough to be there.

But what about the more hidden gems surrounding Glastonbury - the ones that only a few at the event get to discover.

There is actually more of these than you may think, including a secret tunnel that runs under the site.

As per Somerset Live, a mysterious tunnels lies under the old railway line at the Glastonbury festival - a straight path that can get you from the Greenpeace Field to the Green Futures area.

This isn't just an abandoned tunnel, though - as it is often decorated to look pretty good indeed.

This includes installations above where the roof of the tunnel was decorated with glass and lights back in the day.

Whilst that sounds pretty cool, many will find the next Glasto hidden gem pretty amazing.

The secret tunnel is not noticed by many.

Hidden amongst the highest point of the festival area is Strummerville, where festival-goers can sit back, relax and have a nice cold drink.

The area above the Tipi Village features a big 24-hour campfire and actual sofa. Yep, you read that right - sofas at a festival!

Not sure if that is right or wrong to be honest.

Visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of Pyramid Stage to sit back and relax in the woody area.

The music entertainment does not go anywhere though, as visitors heading up their will often be treated to live acoustic performances.

While it may be a bit of a trek from the main stages, Strummerville will certainly provide a different vibe.

Featured Image Credit: Greenpeace / Anthony Brown / Alamy Stock Photo

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