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Gordon Ramsay lands Guinness World Record for largest-ever beef wellington

Gordon Ramsay lands Guinness World Record for largest-ever beef wellington

He can add 'record holder' to his list of achievements

Gordon Ramsay has earned himself a Guinness World Record after helping to create the world’s largest beef wellington.

Swear-word-loving Ramsay joined forces with fellow famous chef Nick DiGiovanni to create the whopper wellington that weighed in at a staggering 25.76 kg (56.79 lb).

Now, if you’d like some context for that, your bog standard wellington weighs about 1.42 kg (3.13 lb), whereas this mammoth one is around the same weight as an eight-year-old boy. Unf**kingbelievable.

Explaining the recipe for his signature beef wellington, Ramsay told DiGiovanni: “First of all we’ve got to get that sear - no colour, no flavour.

“Then that duxelles, then the prosciutto, then the crêpes, and then of course that delicious flaky pastry.” Oof - sounds good, doesn’t it?

Chef DiGiovanni quickly set to work with a team of his pals, thinly slicing the prosciutto, before binding the meat with some sort of meat-glue and then cooking sous vide to a perfect medium rare before wrapping it up in the remaining ingredients and popping the whole thing inside a huge oven.

Gordon Ramsay joined forces with Nick DiGiovanni.
YouTube/Guinness World Record

And Ramsay made a tasty sauce to accompany the massive wellington, which can we assume was f**king delicious.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Andrew Glass was on hand to present the official results and was able to confirm that the wellington had beaten the minimum weight requirement of 20kg.

Upon hearing the good news, Ramsay picked up Glass and spun him around, which I’m sure must have been a fairly terrifying experience.

This is the latest in a line of Guinness World Records for DiGiovanni, who has racked up eight since 2021.

And not only did he get himself a new record to add to his growing collection, he also got the thumbs up from the recipe’s creator, with Ramsay tasting a bite and exclaiming: “That is delicious.”

The dish earned itself a place in the record books.
YouTube/Guinness World Record

Well, that’s lucky - as sure there will be plenty of leftovers for you guys to work through in the coming days.

Ramsay’s ‘Beef Wellington Experience’ is a staple at his Bread Street Kitchen restaurants.

According to the website for Gordon Ramsay Restaurants, the Beef Wellington Experience costs £80 per person for three courses, and is available to order for tables of two to six guests, with the menu teasing: “Flaky pastry, delicious duxelles, and tender beef accompanied by luxurious truffle mash and rich bone marrow sauce. The Beef Wellington is Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish – and once you taste it, you’ll see why!”

Signature and record breaking - what more could you want?

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Gordon Ramsay

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