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Grace Tame Says Scott Morrison Is More Worried About Maintaining Power Than Leading The Country

Grace Tame Says Scott Morrison Is More Worried About Maintaining Power Than Leading The Country

The former Australian of the Year dubbed the Prime Minister 'inauthentic' and 'power-hungry'.

Grace Tame has lashed out at Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and accused him of being more concerned with staying in power than running the country.

The 2021 Australian of the Year made the savage comments during a panel at the Adelaide Writers' Week.

Hundreds turned out to the talk to hear Tame tell her story and to ask questions of the activist and advocate for survivors of child sexual assault.

When quizzed about her experiences with political leaders, Tame did not hold back.

“I do want to work with people on all sides — I’m actually apolitical — and I believe in putting differences aside in the spirit of progress … especially when it comes to the abuse of children,” she said, referring to the work of her foundation.

“But a certain person is not authentic to say the least," hinting at her tumultuous relationship with the Australian Prime Minister.

She then made more pointed comments about 'certain people' in current leadership roles.

Tame told the massive Adelaide crowd: "Certain people and groups are more concerned with maintaining power and control than running the country."

“I don’t want that to be the case. That’s the sad truth."

She also told the audience of a 'threatening' phone call she received about any comments she may make about Scott Morrison.

She did not identify the person behind the call, but said it was made clear her foundation would not receive support if she said anything negative about the Prime Minister.

Grace Tame certainly is no stranger to standing up to Scott Morrison.

She won praise all across Australia earlier this year for refusing to smile during a photo op with the country's leader and his wife Jenny.

Ms Tame and her fiancé were invited to Canberra ahead of Australia Day to hand over the title of Australian of the Year to the 2022 recipient and meet the other candidates for other awards and honours.

She politely stood next to Scott Morrison, however she maintained an emotionless expression on her face while the photographer snapped away.

While the Prime Minister wasn't fazed by the move, he did say it was probably in poor taste.

"I've seen all of that. Anyone comes to our home, when we invite somebody, we greet them with a smile, and they're always welcome,'' Mr Morrison said on 4BC radio station.

"That day was actually about all the finalists coming to celebrate. And the previous Australians of the Year were there. Jenny and I were there and that day was all about them.

"All I'm saying is we were there that day to celebrate those who've done an incredible job for our country. And Jenny and I wanted to welcome them into our home and wish them all the best."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Grace Tame/Sipa US/Alamy

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