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Security guards with machine guns fire at Somali pirates trying to attack ship

Security guards with machine guns fire at Somali pirates trying to attack ship

The hoard of pirates attempted to take over a passing ship

Incredible footage shows the moment a hoard of pirates attempted to hijack a private ship.

The clip, which was filmed back in 2011, shows guards onboard the vessel fighting off the would-be thieves, shooting at them as they try to take over.

In the short video, a small boat can be seen approaching in the distance, gaining ground on the cargo ship.

However, as it gets closer and closer, guards onboard spot the danger and open fire, spraying them with bullets.

The tiny speed boat, which was manned by Somali pirates, then quickly aborts the mission, turning sharply to the right to avoid the salvo of shots.

Posting the clip on YouTube, Humans At Sea wrote: "The fight between Somali pirates and a Private security guard on board a cargo ship.

"When pirates were trying to board the ship, the security guards fired dozens of rounds at the pirate vessel which eventually retreated."

The pirates raced towards the ship.
Humans at Sea

According to Bloomberg, the video first appeared at a December 2011 shipping conference and was filmed by an employee of private security firm Trident, which was operating aboard the MV Avocet.

Thomas Rothrauff, president of Trident Group, told Bloomberg the guards' actions were in 'full compliance with rules for use of force'.

He said it was the ship's second attack by pirates in 72 hours and confirmed that the pirates were returning fire.

In recent years, attacks by pirates have fallen, with the first half of this year seeing fewer incidents than any other year prior to 1994.

According to the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB), there were 58 incidents of armed robbery and piracy against ships between January and June.

Despite the downwards trend, the ICC International Maritime Bureau warned seafarers to be vigilant.

IMB Director Michael Howlett said: “Not only is this good news for the seafarers and the shipping industry, it is positive news for trade which promotes economic growth.

The guards opened fire on the pirates and forced them to retreat.
Humans at Sea

"But the areas of risk shift and the shipping community must remain vigilant. We encourage governments and responding authorities to continue their patrols which create a deterrent effect."

Speaking previously about the matter, Howlett said: "Pirates operating within the Gulf of Guinea are well-equipped to attack further away from shorelines and are unafraid to take violent action against innocent crews.

"It's critical that seafarers remain cautious and vigilant when travelling in nearby waters and report all incidents to the Regional Authorities and the IMB PRC.

"Only improved knowledge sharing channels and increased collaboration between maritime response authorities will reduce the risk to seafarers in the region."

Featured Image Credit: Humans at Sea

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