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Better watch stout - Guinness spreads festive cheer with pop-up orchestras across Dublin

Better watch stout - Guinness spreads festive cheer with pop-up orchestras across Dublin

Better watch stout - Guinness commissioned Glasshouse Orchestra for a second year running.

Christmas is a time full of surprises. The surprise you feel when you open your presents or when an unexpected visitor pops by, as well as the surprise that you somehow have room for a turkey sambo four hours after an enormous feast.

These magical surprises shouldn’t be limited to when you’re at home, as the real magic of Christmas often hits us when we’re out and about. Whether it’s in a busy shopping centre trying to work out what to get the family or when you’re meeting a few friends in town, there’s nothing quite like it.

Music always plays a big part, not only in the fact it brings a feeling of nostalgia that nothing else really can recreate. It’s not just Christmas songs either, as there’s a damn good chance you would be able to recognise the score of at least a few classic ads that pop up on the telly every year.

Case in point; the iconic Guinness ad with a stunning orchestral score that is likely already playing in your head as you read this article. You might find it hard to believe (we certainly did anyway) that the legendary advert turns 18 years old this Christmas, which makes it Guinness’ longest-running ad in its storied 263-year history.

To mark the occasion, Guinness commissioned Glasshouse Orchestra for a second year running. With an aim of bringing the magic of Christmas to life in the way that you could only achieve through the majesty of music, a series of impromptu pop-up orchestra performances took place in four spots across Dublin.

Performing the score from the legendary ad as well as some other Christmas classics, those in attendance were treated to 30 minutes of live music from a world class orchestra. Hearing the music through a set of speakers or headphones is one thing, but feeling it come straight out of the instruments of skilled musicians on one of the coldest nights of the year is not something you ever really forget.

One of these events took place in Dundrum Town Centre, with the other three taking place beside three of Dublin’s most iconic pubs. Namely, these pubs were Grogan’s, Neary’s & Davey Byrne’s, all of which would make a perfect place to meet up with a few friends this festive season.

One of the best spots for a ham and cheese toasty to go alongside a fresh pint of Guinness, Grogan’s hosted a festive scene so perfect you would swear it came straight out of a movie.

None of the punters would’ve likely been expecting anything other than a normal Christmassy evening, but little to their knowledge, the entire Glasshouse Orchestra had set up in front of the pub. With the legendary ad also being projected onto its walls, the orchestra belted out every note with such sheer perfection that you can’t help but feel jealous for those who were lucky enough to be there.

You will probably be glad to hear though, that technology has once again gone ahead and saved us from having to deal with too much FOMO. People were on hand to record this magical festive moment, just so you can feel all of that bona fide Christmas cheer burst out through your screen.

Just in case you didn’t feel jealous enough, the team running the event were also handing out free Guinness socks at the event in Dundrum. A taste of what you will find inside the Guinness Storehouse retail pop-up shop that’s also in the shopping centre, one can only guess how many people’s Christmases were made that little bit easier thanks to the fact they were so generously offered some free stocking fillers.

If these incredible pop-up orchestras tell us anything, it’s that you never really know what kind of surprises are in store when it comes to Christmas!

Featured Image Credit: Guinness

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