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Man Rushes Cat To Vets Only To Be Told It's Sick Of Him

Man Rushes Cat To Vets Only To Be Told It's Sick Of Him

Turns out she just needed some alone time.

A cat owner rushed his beloved kitten to the vets after becoming concerned that it was acting strangely – only to find that the only thing it was sick of was his company.

Harry Jones, 25, from Salford Quays, became worried when his normally docile nine-month-old kitten Helen suddenly began acting strangely.

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“She’s been acting a bit strange, clawing at the front door and meowing loudly, just generally acting out of character,” Harry told The Mirror.

“Then it came to a head a couple of weeks ago when she weed on my bed, and then she weed on the floor. She was just really letting me know that she wasn’t happy.”

Concerned that she might have an infection or some other mystery illness, Harry swiftly booked an emergency appointment at the vets, but upon arrival he was told that the only thing that Helen needed was a bit more personal space.

"I got an emergency appointment and the vet told me she is physically absolutely fine,” Harry said. 

"They asked me if anything had changed recently and I explained I’d had an operation on my ear a few weeks ago, so I had been recovering at home.”

Triangle News

The vet went on to explain that by changing Helen’s daily routine, the kitten had begun to grow tired of seeing Harry around the house all day, and had started to act out in order to let him know that she needed some space.

The appointment ended up costing Harry £50 for his troubles, with the comms worker also shelling out an additional £30 on toys and gadgets to keep her busy and (hopefully) buy back her love.

Harry added: “She’s usually quite cuddly and likes sleeping on my bed with me and things like that. 

“But she clearly just got a bit sick of me.”

Despite her temper tantrum leading him on a wild goose chase, Harry admitted that he found it 'quite iconic' that his cat ended up being such a diva, and said that he’d work hard to try and repair the relationship between the two once he started heading back to the office.

Whether Harry’s flatmate – who also earned the ire of Helen and had one of his books torn to shreds as a result – is also up for the challenge remains to be seen.

But when asked about her frequent mood swings, Harry said that despite her aloof exterior, 'she’s always been a bit of an attention-seeker'.

Featured Image Credit: Triangle News