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Hasbulla Reportedly Suspended On Instagram After ‘Vile Death Threat’ To Woman

Hasbulla Reportedly Suspended On Instagram After ‘Vile Death Threat’ To Woman

Hasbulla allegedly made threats towards a woman after she posted something about his sister.

Hasbulla has reportedly been suspended on Instagram after he allegedly sent a 'vile death threat' to another user. 

The Dagestan native has garnered a huge social media following throughout 2021 due to his rivalry with fellow online personality Abdu Rozik and friendship with UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The internet sensation has even seen his fame extend to the UFC world, which saw him being a guest of honour at UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi back in October.

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However, it seems Hasbulla has gotten himself into trouble online, with Russian reports claiming he's been suspended by Instagram after making death threats towards a woman.

Reports say Hasbulla attacked the woman with abuse online after she posted a video of his sister.

"I will not leave this girl alive until she apologises to the whole of Instagram, because she filmed a video of my sister and posted it for the entire Instagram," Hasbulla allegedly commented.

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The 18-year-old has denied the reports, telling fans that he’s taking a break from the platform after gaining such a huge rise in followers.

Further messages from Hasbulla claim he 'suspended' his own account after receiving messages from the women's friends, to avoid an official ban.

We're not sure when Hasbulla will be back up and running on Instagram and we can't confirm whether he's actually been suspended by the social media platform or if he's taken the decision to lay low for a bit off his own back. I guess we'll have to just wait and see.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ hasbulla_

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