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Radio host wanted to ‘push over that kid’ Hasbulla after he threw bare knuckle punches at producer

Radio host wanted to ‘push over that kid’ Hasbulla after he threw bare knuckle punches at producer

A radio host has revealed strong feelings towards social media star Hasbulla after a brawl with a producer

A radio host has said she wants to 'push over that kid' after a brawl between one of her producers and social media star Hasbulla Magomdeov.

Jackie 'O' Henderson reacted angrily to the fight after interviewing the Russian star on her radio show, The Kyle and Jackie O Show. Watch the fight here:

The three-foot TikTok star was interviewed by the radio host on Wednesday where he took part in a boxing match with producer Lachy Mansell.

The fight was supposed to be a bit of fun, however, Hasbulla appears to have thrown strong bare-knuckle punches at the producer and wrapped an arm around his neck to put him in a headlock.

Meanwhile, Lachy is seen to have taken a tamer approach to the brawl by pulling his punches and even took a dive soon after the bell to ensure Hasbulla was not hurt.

The radio host said the TikTok star took it too far.
Kyle and Jackie O/YouTube

Other producers seemed to believe the fight had gone too far as they ended the fight by encouraging Lachy to throw in the towel.

Jackie was forced to watch the fight on a livestream from the studio's rooftop due to Hasbulla's policy of not being pictured with women prevented her from entering the studio.

The radio host thought that the social media star was taking liberties with the producer, who was doing the right thing by refusing to fight.

The 47-year-old shared her thoughts on the brawl on Friday's show.

She said: "Can I just say... obviously I was not allowed in the area and nor was Brooklyn (Ross, who is a gay newsreader) but when I was watching it live up on the roof, I literally was like, 'I want to get in the ring and push that kid over.' That's how I felt."

The radio host continued: "I seriously did. When he was, like, hammering Lachy. I mean, I felt bad for Lachy."

Kyle Sandilands, her co-host, disagreed with her, though. He said he did not feel sympathy for the producer during the brawl.

The fight was stopped after a matter of seconds.
Kyle and Jackie O/YouTube

Sandilands did say that Lachy could have taken an early advantage in the fight by kneeing his opponent to the face.

"Night, night! Cop that! That's for Ukraine, you dog," he said.

Jackie argued that the producer could have been easily hurt Hasbulla, but decided not too as it was not the right thing to do.

The radio presenter said the TikTok star took advantage of this to steal the fight.

Anyone want to see a rematch?

Featured Image Credit: @kyleandjackieo/ @hasbulla_ / Instagram

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