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Horror as woman declared dead wakes up gasping for air inside body bag

Horror as woman declared dead wakes up gasping for air inside body bag

A 90-year-old from Brazil will still alive hours after doctors declared her dead.

A 90-year-old woman from Brazil who was declared dead was found breathing hours later in a harrowing medical cock-up.

Doctors concluded that Norma Silveira da Silva passed away at the Sao Jose Regional Hospital, in Greater Florianopolis on 25 November at 11.40pm.

However, when she was sent over to the crematorium, a worker inspected her body and realised that her skin was still warm.

Da Silva was still alive but struggling to breathe.

Hours after she was rushed back to hospital da Silva actually passed.

Infection was listed as the cause on her death certificate and da Silva was cremated on 27 November.

Officials are now looking into the circumstances surrounding the 90-year-old's death, while her loved ones say they are planning to sue the hospital.

A 90-year-old woman from Brazil - declared dead - was found breathing hours later.

Caregiver and friend Jessica Martins Silvi Pereira, 30 said: "It's a case of neglect that I would not wish on anyone."

"On Saturday afternoon, I went to visit her and she opened her eye.

"She didn't have much stimulation, but she managed to open her eye and saw that we were there."

Jessica claims the body was sent from the hospital to the crematorium before any family members had a chance to say goodbye.

But because the crematorium worker noticed that Norma was still breathing, her loved ones were able to see her for one last time.

"When he opened the bag she was breathing very weakly," Jessica added.

"And, as she was no longer conscious, she couldn't ask for help."

Brazil's Medical Ethics Committee and the Death Commission are now investigating the case.

The Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Santa Catarina stated that it 'was aware of the situation and will institute appropriate procedures to monitor the case'.

Hours after she was rushed back to hospital da Silva officially passed.

Similarly in 2021, an elderly woman, 76, woke up just moments before she was about to be cremated after her family thought she had died.

Shakuntala Gaikwad had reportedly contracted Covid and was isolating in her home when her condition became worse.

Her family then rushed her to hospital but, due to the ongoing spike in Covid cases in India, the hospital was unable to provide her with a bed - so she remained outside in a private vehicle.

It was during this time that Shakuntala apparently stopped breathing, which led to her family believing she had passed away.

The family then took her home to start preparing her body from cremation, when the elderly woman woke up again, just moments before the funeral bier was about to be set alight.

She was said to have opened her eyes and started crying.

Her current condition remains unknown.

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