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Dentist shows devastating thing snus can do to your teeth

Dentist shows devastating thing snus can do to your teeth

Use of the smokeless tobacco is on the rise

A dentist has shown the horrifying impact using snus can have on your teeth and gums.

For those not in the know, snus is a little pouch of dry tobacco that is placed under the lip and next to the gum for around half an hour as an alternative to smoking.

Snus originated in Sweden and remains popular there and in Norway, where it is the most common type of tobacco product.

It is illegal in all of the European Union (EU) except for Sweden, as well as Australia and New Zealand.

It’s also illegal in the UK - although nicotine pouches, such as Nordic Spirit and Velo aren’t.

Despite not being legal, its use in the UK is thought to be on the rise and while it may be seen as a healthier alternative to smoking, it still comes with health risks.

A dental surgeon took to TikTok to warn users about the effects of snus as the pouches are placed against the gums when they are used.

TikToker the London Dentist explained: “Snus is a smokeless tobacco, it originated n Sweden.

"It’s illegal to sell everywhere in the EU, but loads of celebrities have been seen using it.

Snus is popular with some celebrities.
OLIVIER MORIN/AFP via Getty Images

“Just like tea can come in tea bags or loose tea - Snus can come in pouches like this or loose snus and it’s applied to the gums and held there.”

However, he went on to say that this can cause problems.

“But this causes lesions on the gums, like this,” he added, while showing a photo of a particularly sore-looking gum.

“And some studies have suggested this might even be precancerous.

“Snus also causes gum recession and even gum inflammation and gum disease.”

According to Cleveland Clinic, gum recession is a form of gum disease where the gum tissue pulls away from your teeth and exposes the roots underneath. This then makes your teeth more vulnerable to cavities and they can become more sensitive. Ouch.

A dentist has warned of the dangers.

Not only that but as it contains nicotine it can come with a host of other nasty potential side effects.

Pharmacist Ian Budd told Cosmopolitan: “The information we do have does not paint it in an entirely positive light.

“As snus contains nicotine, it is seen as an addictive substance, as it’s the nicotine in tobacco products that causes addiction in the first place.

"Some studies have shown that there may be a link to higher rates of pancreatic cancer, heart failure, and diabetes, although research is still ongoing."

Featured Image Credit: OLIVIER MORIN/AFP via Getty Images /TikTok / @‌thelondondentist

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