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Gross video shows why you shouldn’t ‘hit disposable vapes too hard’

Gross video shows why you shouldn’t ‘hit disposable vapes too hard’

People are flooding to social media in horror after a YouTuber revealed what happens when you 'hit a vape' too hard.

People are flooding to social media in horror after a YouTuber revealed what happens when you 'hit a vape' too hard.

Ah, vaping. The fruit flavoured puffs of air which we all thought were pretty harmless, but it's since emerged could be a lot more damaging for our health than we first realised.

We swear off them, but we continue to buy them anyway. However, if seeing how they're made wasn't enough for you to call it quits, maybe this video exposing what happens when you hit a vape 'too hard' will help you finally kick the habit for good.

How often do you puff away on your vape?
Getty Images/ Carl Court

YouTuber 'The Adequate Media' - who gives his opinions on the vape industry having been 'in it for nine years' - has posted a video claiming to unbox an Elf Bar revealing what happens inside when you puff away too hard too many times in a row.

However, a spokesperson for Elf Bar has since told LADbible: "Our ELFBAR product team has analyzed the video clip, and we can assure you that the vape shown in the video is not a legit ELFBAR product."

Talking to someone about their disposable vape and how it 'started making noises' when they plugged it in to charge, the YouTuber then cuts open the product.

He continues: "Cautionary tale on why you don't hit your disposables too hard.

"Well, you shouldn't vape disposables but don't hit them too hard because if that coil gets red hot in the first few moments it will irrevocably change its resistance and it will continue getting, just red hot, melting components and such."

In the caption, the YouTuber added: "My main issue is the fact that TCRs exist.

"These companies absolutely have the ability to utilize safety features that would mitigate these issues."

Puffing away too frequently can make the vape become very hot inside.
YouTube/ @TheAdequateMedia

People have flocked to the comments of the post to weigh in on the issue.

One user said: "I have to CONSTANTLY tell people not to hotbox their vapes. I'll watch em hit it and hit and hit it over and over in a matter of 10 seconds. Then they come back in two days saying that it doesn't work any more."

"Nothing worse than buying a brand new vape and it tastes burnt from the jump," another added.

A third commented: "I quite vaping cus i had gotten to the point of hitting it after every breath i took and the only time i wasnt vaping was when i was sleeping I've officially been off vaping for almost four months."

YouTube/ @TheAdequateMedia

The YouTuber added: "So it's becoming apparent that my content is having som positive effects because pretty much ALL of the major OEMs and brands have taken my various hints and begun adding rudimentary versions of 'temp control' or to be more precise OHM readers that'll kick off an LED when the coil begins the whole self destruct cycle."

The spokesperson from ELFBAR told LADbible: "To give you more details, the vape you mentioned appears to be troubled by an airflow sensor dysfunction, and keeps the product working during plug-in charging. This would overheat the coil placed in the middle of the vape.

"We at ELFBAR would like to remind our users that taking an ultra-long hit or taking continual hits in a short span of time may also lead to dry hit or even overheat when the e-liquid is insufficient.

"ELFBAR is committed to offering quality and safe products to our users worldwide. We have been leveling up on a regular basis the performance of our products’ battery, airflow sensor and coil, in an effort to deliver a consistent and smooth vaping experience."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/ @TheAdequateMedia

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