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Doctor shares warning about using phone while on the loo

Doctor shares warning about using phone while on the loo

The doctor warned people to save their scrolling until after they have answered nature's call.

Whatever goes on behind closed doors in your bathroom is your business.

Some people pass the time while flicking through the newspaper, reading the back of shampoo bottles, or most prominently - scrolling through their phones.

I'm sure you would spend all day in there if you had the chance, as the loo is an unlikely place of peace to retreat to.

But it turns out that, as well as causing an angry queue to form outside, taking your time on the toilet is also bad for your health.

Take a look:

A doctor has warned people not to set up camp in the bathroom and bring their phones on their trips to the bog.

And it's not just because of hygiene reasons.

Dr Joseph Salhab, aka The Stomach Doc, said that prolonged periods of sitting and straining puts you at risk of developing hemorrhoids.

Also commonly known as piles, these lumps in and around your backside 'can be painful and bleed', the gastroenterologist said in a TikTok video.

Spending a prolonged period of time sitting and strolling could bite you in the backside.
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It appears that checking the group chat while doing your business just don't mix. Who'd have thought it?

However, Dr Salhab shared some tips that can help ensure a speedier toilet trip and reduce your time sat on your throne.

"Definitely try to limit your phone use while you're using the bathroom, and you can use a stepping stool," he said.

"Because when you raise your feet it allows easier passage of stool - which is really beneficial."

The expert also encouraged people to increase their fibre intake to help things move faster.

He recommended chomping on kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, apples pears and prunes to help kickstart your bowel movements.

"Vitamin C helps as well," Dr Salhab continued. "You can always supplement with fibre such as psyllium husk and add it to your favourite drink."

Swigging 'plenty of water' will also help get things going as the gastroenterologist said it goes hand in hand with fibre.

And social media users took to the comment section to share their thoughts on Dr Salhab's advice.

Dr Salhab advised people to increase their fibre intake to make toilet trips speedier.
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One wrote: "Can't do nothing these days!"

Another said: "I don't sit longer than ten minutes. I'm terrified of hemorrhoids."

A third added: "Not me watching this while on the toilet."

And a fourth chimed in: "I learned this the hard way y'all, I'm not kidding."

And for those who try to put off nature's call, Dr Salhab said you 'should not avoid it'.

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