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What’s happened to your body with four weeks no drinking as Dry January comes to an end

What’s happened to your body with four weeks no drinking as Dry January comes to an end

The effects that Dry January has on your body has been revealed

The health benefits of staying alcohol-free for a whole four weeks have been revealed.

The end is near for all of you participating in Dry January this year, as February is just a mere few days away.

The idea of it has been questioned in recent times though, as the method of choosing not to drink for one month, then proceeding to drink for the other 11 seems counter-productive.

However, it is still beneficial to cut booze out and give your body a break, even though your first drink back might be brutal.

But on the horizon is your reward, a nice cold alcoholic beverage that you have earned through your hard work and persistence throughout January.

For the thousands that have chosen to take part this year, there are a number of benefits you currently enjoy after four weeks alcohol-free.


One of the major changes you will have noticed is an improvement to your complexion.

The reduction or cutting out of alcohol from your diet has allowed your body to produce more of the anti-diuretic hormone vasopressin, which you should thank for giving your skin a new glow.

Also, less of the drink allows your pores to shrink, which causes less spots to appear.

Staying clear of alcohol for four weeks will reap rewards.
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It might be a no-brainer, but overdoing it with a few too many pints (or any alcoholic drinks), is not the best for your organs.

Specifically, where the contents of the drinks need to be broken down, the liver.

But even a few weeks can make a huge difference, as something called liver 'stiffness' reduces, which is a positive as it is an early sign of liver disease, which can develop into cirrhosis in extreme cases.

Immune system

Too much alcohol, as you have probably experienced, can give your immunity levels a kick in the teeth.

By lowering the strength of your immune system, you become more susceptible to germs and bugs that may be flying around.

The break has given your body time to rebuild its defence against germs following a heavy festive period.


You've probably already seen what just a week of no drinking can improve in your day-to-day life.

Getting over the initial cravings and withdrawals can be hard but after that, your sleep quality would have increased, your decision-making would have improved and even things like creativity levels will have sky-rocketed.

Your mind and body will have greatly benefitted from Dry January.
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Blood pressure

The one month break from alcohol will have improved your blood pressure, as drinking too much can weaken the muscles in your blood vessels.

It means it becomes more difficult for your heart to pump blood around your body, increasing blood pressure, increasing the likelihood of stroke or even heart and kidney disease.


But after this extended break, you will experience a drop in your blood pressure, reducing health risks like this all in just four weeks.


Studies show that going sober reduces the risk of developing several types of cancer, with mouth, breast, bowel and liver cancer less likely.

So don't let anyone tell you that it wasn't worthwhile, you have benefitted from a good month off!

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