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Plastic surgeon shares grim reality of forehead reduction surgery going wrong

Plastic surgeon shares grim reality of forehead reduction surgery going wrong

The photos are horrifying

A plastic surgeon has shared the reality of what can happen when cosmetic surgery goes horribly wrong.

Dr Greg Bran, owner of GB Aesthetics in London, shared a video on his YouTube channel, explaining that a patient named Joanna had sought his expertise after she underwent botched forehead surgery by another doctor.

Dr Greg Bran could be seen reviewing the images.

Joanna had wanted to have her hairline brought forward and her forehead essentially reduced.

But what happened was far from what she had anticipated, with Joanna left with scar tissue, hair loss and necrosis.

Dr Bran explained that when she came out of surgery, she had a lot of hair loss and swelling, which wasn't a good sign.

Two weeks later and Joanna started suffering with necrosis on her forehead, which is where the tissue dies due to lack of blood flow.

The photographs are truly horrifying, with Dr Bran explaining she had been through hell emotionally.

"A couple of hours after surgery and I can already tell there's too much swelling," said Dr Bran, who was reviewing the images.

"... Two days after surgery there is already this huge scab, like a crust in between the wound gaps and it's just getting worse and worse.

"One to two weeks after surgery, the stitches came out and there's dead tissue, no hair, she lost all her hair. There's scabbing in there, it's really scary.

"She literally went through hell emotionally."

Dr Bran explained that Joanna had to go to A&E to be treated because her surgeon told her he'd done 'everything correctly' and that it was essentially her fault.

The before and after photos showed an incredible transformation.

Dr Bran and his team decided to correct the surgery at their own Harley Street clinic, free of charge.

The team first needed to remove the scar tissue, before lowering the hairline and also lifting the brows.

After the surgery, Dr Bran explained: "Yeah it was tricky, I think it's going to be really good... Tomorrow is the big reveal."

After Joanna saw the incredible results for herself, Dr Bran added: "She doesn't have any pain, she looks much better than before.

"The first time she had massive swelling of the head so yeah, she's a real trooper.

"Yesterday, before surgery, she was just shaking, her whole body. She's very brave to go under this again.

"This trust of my patients means everything... every patient counts."

Joanna explained that she would recommend anyone else looking to get cosmetic surgery to make sure they do plenty of research beforehand.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/@gbaesthetics

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