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Sex educator gave expert tips on completing No Nut November and dealing with 'blue balls'

Sex educator gave expert tips on completing No Nut November and dealing with 'blue balls'

Just 19 days to go

The idea behind No Nut November is simple — abstain from ejaculating for the entire month of November.

Successfully executing the challenge, on the other hand, is far more challenging.

Now, as we near the halfway point of NNN, a sex and relationships educator has shared the best tips and tricks to help stop you exploding out of sexual frustration.

There's no doubt about it; giving something up for a whole month is tough.

And it's even tougher when it involves not being able to get down and dirty with your partner, your favourite toy, or simply through the power of your own hand — no judgment here!

A sex educator has given advice on how to survive No Nut November (NNN).
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While some argue you're still allowed to masturbate or have sex during NNN — just not reaching bursting point — others are set on being as dedicated as possible and not indulging in any sort of sexually gratifying experiences.

A medical expert may have warned against taking part in NNN, but if you have decided to go ahead — whether it be to simply test yourself or raise a bit of cash for charityJustin Hancock has lent a helping hand to guide you on your way and stop you from splurging before the month is complete.

If you've decided to participate in No Nut November, you have to abstain from sex and masturbation for 30 days.
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The first tip Hancock shares if you're struggling at any point during the month is to delve deeper into the reasons why you masturbate and try and find replacement activities instead.

Think of all the minutes, hours and days you've potentially spent knocking one out when you could have been cheffing up a nice meal, going to the pub with some mates, reading a book or going for a relaxing stroll.

However, if none of that helps distract from your dirty and despairing mind, then Hancock suggests you pay even more attention to your horn monster — picture your own Connie the Hormone Monstress or Rick from Big Mouth.

By really focusing on the feeling and letting yourself acknowledge it before it passes, Hancock explains it becomes more of a shrug-your-shoulders sort of occurrence and easier to ignore.

Hancock suggested if you're really struggling you could just resolve to cut down rather than quit for the whole month altogether.

If you really can't hack it and have already given in, then maybe you can try and reduce how much you let yourself go for the rest of the month. God loves a trier after all.

Or, as Hancock notes, you could just find a loophole and let yourself orgasm but not ejaculate.

If you are still hanging on strong eleven days in, but see others dwindling, rally around one another for support — you're going to need it when the 'blue balls/ vulva' hits.

Hancock advises: "The proper term for this is vasocongestion – the best kind of congestion. Masturbation is a way to relieve this vasocongestion, so obviously you might want to avoid that if you’re doing NNN. Thankfully, vasocongestion goes away by itself if you are patient enough. You could also maybe apply a cold flannel to your bits if you like."

And there it is — scientific proof that 'blue balls' isn't a valid reason for someone to try and get you to have sex with them...

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