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Brit who had heart attack aged 22 gives warning to people who ‘get on it once or twice a week’

Brit who had heart attack aged 22 gives warning to people who ‘get on it once or twice a week’

TikTok star Tom Birchy opened up to his followers about his scary near-death experience

A Brit has warned people who 'get on it once or twice a week' of the health consequences after he suffered a heart attack.

TikTok star Tom Birchy opened up to his thousands of followers about his near-death experience at the young age of 22.

He explained he had been recreationally using drugs on a regular basis when he suddenly became gravely ill.

Two years on from his horror health scare, Tom is now on a mission to warn others of the dangers of drug taking.

He explained he has now completely turned his life around after ditching the UK to jet to Thailand for a fresh start.

The social media user previously dubbed himself the 'King of Leeds' when he was living it large up North.

Tom told his followers that he had been working in the music industry at the time and 'pubs, pints and carrier bags' were part of his daily routine.

In a recent video, he said: "That's a weekly or twice weekly occurrence for some people. It was for me when I lived in the UK.

"That was my life - until I had a heart attack aged 22.

Tom Birchy delivered a stark warning about drug abuse to his followers.

"It can literally happen to anyone. If you indulge in that lifestyle, don't kid yourself and say, 'Oh well it's not going to happen to me'. Because it can."

He explained that one morning, his arms suddenly became 'numb and tight', before the sensation spread to his chest.

"I couldn't sit down, I couldn't stand up, I couldn't lie down," Tom recalled.

The influencer rang an ambulance and was taken to hospital as a precaution, where he then underwent further tests.

"I was waiting in A&E," Tom said. "Then someone comes running over to me, gets me in a room and sticks something in my stomach and injects me.

"Later that evening, I found out that I had a heart attack aged 22. Fortunately, I was blessed to have no scarring of the heart - that's what carrier bags cause."

He said doctors 'knew exactly why he was in there' - as drug abuse can wreak havoc on your blood flow, heart and other organs.

Tom continued: "I'm told that the uptick in men aged 18-30 suffering heart attacks has been staggering.

"And thats down to the carrier bags boys. I was big on it, I was heavy on it and it nearly ruined my life, it nearly killed me.

"Now nearly two years later, my life is so different.

He warned others that 'it could happen to anyone'.
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"So if that's you, once or twice a week getting on it - take this as a warning boys. It could happen to you."

His followers applauded the TikToker for his brutal honesty in the comment section, while sharing their own similar experiences.

One said: "Top bloke for saying this tbf."

Another wrote: "I'm never doing it again, been thinking about this so much lately."

A third added: "Such a good message. Glad you're alive Tom."

Someone else chimed in: "I was diagnosed with heart failure at 18 from it. Heart was working at 10 percent."

Many praised the lad’s ‘character development’ and said they hope he’s ‘much better now’.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/tombirchy/Getty Stock Image

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