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Woman discusses the 'strange' interview process to work at Hooters

Woman discusses the 'strange' interview process to work at Hooters

A woman has opened up about the strange Hooters interview process.

Even though there's only one Hooters restaurant in the UK (shout out to Nottingham), you'd have to live under a rock to have never heard of the chain.

The famous US eatery is known for its hot wings, ribs, sports screenings, and, well, the girls.

No matter which of the 430 Hooters franchises across the globe you find yourself in, their waitresses - or 'Hooters girls' - will always have a similar same look.

After leaving the business, nursing student and YouTuber Selena Silveira decided to tell-all about what it's really like to work the famous job - and what it takes to get hired.

Selena says she applied for a position at Hooters while she was looking to fund her way through university.

The YouTuber claims that the interview 'was actually really quick - no more than, like, ten minutes'.

While the interview questions were 'pretty standard' for a restaurant, there was one part of the meeting that she confessed was a bit 'weird'.

When her interviewer had wrapped up the questions, Selena says they 'brought me outside and took a full-body picture of me'.

She later found out that this was standard practice for the Hooters team, explaining: "I later found out that it was so when they wanted to decide who they were going to hire they could remember what you look like."

She also explained there's another key difference that sets the Hooters interview process apart from other hospitality roles.

Selena opened up about her Hooters experience.
YouTube/Selena Silveria

She said: "Hooters doesn't hire waitresses, they hire you as a Hooters girl, and that is kind of like a model casting.

"Just like any other model casting, Hooters are able to choose what kind of models they want based on the look they want because that's their business and that's their brand."

Elsewhere in the video, Selena revealed that, as soon as she landed the gig, she started making serious cash.

She said: "On average for me, I usually can make anywhere between $100 a night to $500 a night - it really just depends on how busy it is."

But, as they say, everything comes with a price. While the pay is undeniably good, Selena did share that she and other 'Hooters girls' had to follow a 'strict image policy.'

The YouTuber claims that artificial hair colour, nails, piercings and tattoos are a no-go for any Hooters staff.

The former Hooters Girl claims she could make up to $500 in a night.
Selena Silveira

According to the company website, it takes a lot more than natural hair and nails to earn the title of 'Hooters Girl' - namely 'hard work, talent, and a killer personality'.

Being a so-called 'Hooters Girl' is 'an honour bestowed upon only the most entertaining, goal oriented, glamorous and charismatic women'.

In the comment section of her video, Selena noted that she hasn't worked for Hooters for a few years, but would recommend the position for anyone interested - even if the interview process is a little weird.

LADbible has contacted Hooters for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Bruce VanLoon / Alamy Stock Photo / YouTube / SelenaSilveira

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