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Horrifically Awkward Kiss Cam Footage Has Unfortunate Twist

Horrifically Awkward Kiss Cam Footage Has Unfortunate Twist

The clip has been viewed more than three million times on TikTok

As far as kiss cam footage goes - this viral clip of a man and woman kissing is right up there with the best of them. Watch the awkward AF encounter below:

TikToker @ahgahoeee captured the footage inside the Rogers Arena where they were watching the Vancouver Canucks hockey team.

As usual, the camera goes from couple to couple and, more often than not, the two people play along.

However, things got very tricky when the camera panned to a couple of strangers sitting with a seat in-between them.

At first the woman looks at the man as if to say 'no thanks, I've got someone'.

But then - out of nowhere - she thinks 'f*** it' and the pair go in for a snog.

Even more awkwardly, shortly after, footage shows the apparent boyfriend returning to the middle seat, where his supposed GF acts like nothing happened.


After the camera goes back on them, the message 'congrats, you're the winner' pops up on screen.

The dude sat in the middle is like 'WTF but I didn't even kiss anyone', while the announcer jokes: "It's going to be an interesting ride home."

Although that may be the case, it's important to note that sometimes 'actors' will get themselves on camera just for a few seconds of fame.

So it's hard to tell if it's completely legit or not.


Either way, the video went completely viral and racked up over three million views.

Over 345,000 people liked the clip and nearly 2,000 people weighed in with their thoughts.

"They did here dirty," one user wrote.

Another said: "Lmao so bruh knew she had a man."

“Bro my f****** jaw dropped. LOL,” a third commented.

A fourth joked: "Waiting for that guy to hold up a sign saying that's his sister."

It's important to note that some users were certainly less impressed. One thought: "this can’t b real."

"How do people not realize stuff like this is set up," someone else commented.

Another user wrote: "Not real but always funny."

Shockingly, a final user added: "I don't get it please someone explain??"

Sorry mate, I haven't got all day.

Featured Image Credit: @ahgahoeee/TikTok

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