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Hotel Staff Shocked To See Guest’s Room After Getting Complaint

Hotel Staff Shocked To See Guest’s Room After Getting Complaint

This hotel room has shocked the internet after a member of staff captured footage of room trashed with nangs, takeout boxes and empty beers

A video is currently circulating on Reddit after a hotel guest complained about their room. The film captures a room filled with never-ending empty ‘nangs’ or ‘whippits’, countless amounts of empty beer bottles and takeaway boxes, making it look like a shooting location for the sequel to Project X.

Watch the video below to check out the absolutely raided hotel room:

The video was posted yesterday (March 3) by u/cmodaillest. However, it’s unclear if a guest trashed the room or if hotel staff - a la White Lotus style - decided to have a wild night in one of the vacant rooms. Regardless, the feral mess left viewers stunned. 

Comfortable_Crazy7 wrote: “Haha I came here to say that this is probably what Steve-o’s hotel look like during the jackass years. Phew… glad my man is clean now because this kinda lifestyle is not sustainable.”

BurgerOfLove wrote, “Not that we needed all that for the trip, but once you get locked into a serious drug collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.”

HelloKidney posted: “A lot of brain cells were killed on that hotel room.”

While another wrote: “Holy moly indeed. Are they time travelers from the 80s?! Who does whippits anymore?”

With bad hotel reviews roaming the internet, this is not the first time a guest has complained about their less than satisfactory room and it certainly won’t be the last. 

Tuesday (March 1) it was also reported that a woman found fungus growing in her hotel room’s coffee machine.

The woman shared the terrifying photo on Reddit with the caption, “An example of why you don’t use the coffee maker in your hotel room.”

It sent the comment section into a frenzy as many users were (rightfully) disgusted by the state of the hotel kitchen appliance.

War_Destroyer wrote: “A center for ants!”

Another wrote: "Starbucks for me then”

While many users also chimed in, sharing their worst hotel experiences.

One user wrote: “During my apprenticeship I had to stay overnight and share a room with someone I worked with. In the morning they put their underwear in the kettle to clean them.”

While Fun2badult: I’ve found some pretty gnarly life forms in the room coffeemaker when I first started traveling heavily for work. You learn pretty quickly what not to use or even touch, and what to spot check right when you get to the room. A lot of the back of house areas at large hotels (including the kitchens) are pretty horrifying as well.

And on that note, thank god for Google Reviews.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: TikTok/Alamy

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