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UK renter shares insane house rules laid out by landlord

UK renter shares insane house rules laid out by landlord

You better like cleaning...

If you live in the UK right now, you'll know that we're all collectively having a bit of a rough time - unless you're the CEO of an energy company.

Food prices are skyrocketing, energy bills are astronomical and a lot of people feel trapped in the rental market - like this renter, who's just revealed the insane rules laid out by their landlord.

Taking to Reddit, their friend captioned the extensive list: "Possibly one of the wildest tenancy agreements I’ve read courtesy of my friend. Enjoy the read."

This landlord will be the second parent you didn't ask for.
Alamy / Sophie McAulay

Despite the post being made just 20 hours ago at the time of writing, it's already been upvoted by over 8.4K Redditors because it is so jaw-droppingly shocking.

It begins with the landlord's request that tenants must vacuum, clean and dust their rooms 'at least once a week' to a 'professional standard'.

Because, y'know, even when you're renting, your bedroom is not your own.

"Two mattress protectors must be placed on the bed and these are not to be used as 'bedding'," the landlord continues, explaining that they will provide these covers but at a cost to the tenant.

Just like the bedrooms, the entire house must be cleaned every week 'to a professional standard' and this includes the 'tops of skirting boards, door frames and light switches/sockets'.

This landlord wants his tennants to be professional cleaners.
This landlord wants his tennants to be professional cleaners.

Up next is the landlord's outrageous expectations when comes to belongings and communal areas - basically, you're going to have to travel light.

"No possessions whatsoever belonging to tenants may be stored or left in communal areas," they explained before adding that this included bikes and boxes.

Basically, anything that might bring you joy is not allowed in this house, and good luck if you have a partner as, naturally, you'll need to ask the landlord's permission if you want them to stay the night.

Parties are banned too and you can't 'introduce any disturbing noises or smells' into the household.

This landlord is worse than most people's parents.
Reddit / ktkatiex

The landlord ended the bonkers list - which also included the assertion that if you don't clean this property properly, you'll be charged - by saying that the rules are final and can be added to or amended at any time.

Unsurprisingly, Reddit users were outraged by the tenancy agreement.

One joked: "Excuse me landlord, can me and my friend have a sleepover on Friday please?"

"Sounds like an employment contract for a cleaner," added a second, while a third wrote: "I think prison might actually be a nicer place to stay."

A fourth joked: "Imagine 'Your place or mine?'

"'Probably yours, one sec let me give my landlord a bell to ask for permission'.

"'Yep, yours. Said no.'"

Featured Image Credit: Aleksandr Davydov / Alamy/ Reddit / ktkatiex

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