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People are confused about how to actually drink a pornstar martini

People are confused about how to actually drink a pornstar martini

An expert explained what an earth you're supposed to do with the Prosecco shot

Even though it's many people's drink of choice during Happy Hour and one of the most sold cocktails in the whole of the UK - it seems many of us don't know how to actually drink a pornstar martini.

Offering something sweet with a touch of fruity goodness, a little fizz and a whole lot of booze - if you're in the right bar - it's no question that the delicious little goblet of passionfruit, vanilla, vodka and citrus combine to make a proper good bev.

But - there's just one issue: what on earth are you meant to do with the baby shot of Prosecco served alongside a pornstar martini?

People are baffled on how to properly drink a pornstar martini.

With summer now in full swing, Brits all over are reaching for the pints, Pimms and cocky-t's as if their lives depended on it.

While many of us shot, gulp and even chug our drinks it's clear that some cocktail connoisseurs prefer to sip a little slower on their tipple of choice.

So, if the pornstar martini is your go-to then read on to figure out how to enjoy it best.

Abby Matthews, Director of The Cocktail Co, producer of ready-to-drink cocktails, has finally put an end to the debate as to whether people should shot the Prosecco or pour it straight into their glass.

She said: "A pornstar martini is the perfect combination of passionfruit, vanilla, vodka and citrus, so it has a very sweet yet tangy flavour.

An expert has explained the correct order to drink the Prosecco shot served alongside the bev.

"It is served best with a Prosecco chaser and garnished with half a passionfruit."

If you've never worked in a bar, or just worked in one that never faffed with the whole ordeal of cocktails, Abby explains a chaser is a drink of a different kind taken immediately after or before another drink.

"It’s usually a milder drink that is designed to freshen the palette," she added.

However, things work a little differently when it comes to pornstar martinis.

Abby revealed: "Little do people know, the Prosecco shot should actually be sipped before drinking the pornstar martini, to cleanse the palette before enjoying the cocktail."

You're apparently meant to drink the Prosecco shot before the cocktail.
Ata Ebem / Pexels

So, there you have it.

You're meant to drink the Prosecco shot before the cocktail - not after it and by no means mixed in together.

Abby continued: "If you’ve been shotting the Prosecco before, after, or even pouring it in - you’re doing it wrong!

"Pouring the Prosecco can actually ruin the flavours - it alters the taste as it unbalances how the ingredients complement each other."

Well that's a big oops on my behalf.

The alcohol aficionado added: "And drinking it after - well, who’d want to cleanse their palette after such a delicious drink?"

She makes a good point.

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