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I’m a Celeb legend is leaving the show after 20 years

I’m a Celeb legend is leaving the show after 20 years

The icon who has worked closely alongside the show's celebrity stars is too busy to be on this year's show

One of the most famous faces of I’m A Celebrity is leaving the show after 20 years.

This year’s series will see the programme return to Australia after it settled in Wales during the Covid pandemic.

But while viewers will be relieved to know that Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly will be continuing to present the show, fans may be disappointed to learn that one familiar face won't be returning.

Medic Bob removing a cockroach from Harry Redknapp's ear.

Medic Bob, who has become a well-known face over the years, is too busy to take part in this year’s series and will instead be replaced by another medic who won’t be shown on screen

A spokesperson for ITV said: “Bob will always be a friend to the show. We wish him all the very best and thank him for his hard work.”

According to The Sun, the 72-year-old who attended to Gillian McKeith when she fainted and also removed a cockroach from Harry Redknapp’s ear, will continue to work on the German spin off of the show and travel around Australia for a special TV series.

A source said: “It’s unthinkable to imagine the show without Medic Bob.”

And many others agree.

“It’s not going to be the same without Medic Bob,” said one on social media.

Another commented: “That’s it, I’m not watching it.”

Medic Bob rushed to Gillian McKeith's aid when she fainted.

Others joked that this year’s contestants will have to tackle NHS waiting times to see a medic, saying: “They don’t have a doctor anymore as they have to ring at 8am, third in the queue on the phone gets through only to be told all appointments with the medic have gone.”

While another joked: “They’ll just get a phone call like the rest of us.”

Ant and Dec previously confirmed the show would be returning to its ‘spiritual home’ of Australia after two years in Wales.

Speaking to Heart, Ant said: “The plan is, we’re going back to Australia, we don’t want to go elsewhere. It’s got to go back to it. Back to its spiritual home, back to where it all started.

"Everyone wants to se a bit of sunshine at that time of year on the telly.”

I'm a Celebrity will return to Australia this year.

But the decision has provided mixed opinions, with some viewers preferring the two seasons based in Wales.

“I love watching it, but if it’s not in Australia, I won’t be watching it again,” commented one social media user.

While another said they would not be watching it this year, explaining: “It was better at the castle and it would have got better and better.”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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