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Instagram model left with huge 'uniboob' after one of her implants exploded

Instagram model left with huge 'uniboob' after one of her implants exploded

She realised one of her ginormous cans had exploded when she heard a pop.

A Canadian social media influencer has crowned herself the 'Uniboob Queen' after one of her massive breast implants exploded.

The 30-year-old claimed the title after one of her 38J, implants popped, which left her with one lone boob that weighed a whopping five kilograms on its own.

The popped implant left behind a huge mass of saggy, stretched and tattooed skin with her breasts becoming a mere shadow of themselves.

“Hey guys, so this is my boob now … Basically, my breast implant popped, again," she said on Instagram.

"I am having surgery to take them out next week. I am going to go back to [a natural look] - not just my boobs, but other parts of my body."

While the OnlyFans model did not reveal how or why her gigantic implant popped, she did reveal the explosion wasn't painful.

She only realised what was happening when she heard a 'pop'.

Fans, however, expressed concern for her welfare in the comments section.

One user said: "Your body is literally telling you to stop."

A second added: "Go get that fixed. That isn't healthy."

Another concerned follower commented: "You're lucky you're still alive."

Although she had been telling her followers she was 'embracing [her] uniboob', she wondered if the explosion was a sign that she needs to change up her look once again.

In August 2019, the Instagram model revealed she had spent a whopping USD$100,000 (AUD$146,000, £83,000) on surgery since her first procedure at 21.

By the age of 30, she had doubled that amount on cosmetic procedures, including several boob jobs, nose jobs, fat transfers, brow a brow lift, veneers, liposuction, and an illegal Brazilian butt lift that started to 'rot' inside her body.

But, it gets worse: at age 24, the Toronto native almost died when she went under the knife to achieve the world’s 'fattest vagina'.


After several Instagram posts claiming she was embracing the uniboob she was left with by the powers that be, fans began to question if she was ever going to return to her au naturale look.

But, after fans continued to express concern, she revealed on February 6 that her lopsided sweater puppies were on the way out.

She told her followers she is currently in a European hotel room waiting for her surgery date in the coming days.

"You guys, I am removing them and going back [to a] natural [set of breasts]," she said on social media.

"I am not actually just going to leave it [as a uniboob], but that would definitely be [an iconic] moment."

Featured Image Credit: 1800leavemaryalone/Instagram.

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