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Construction Workers In China Build 10-Storey Apartment Block In Less Than 29 Hours

Construction Workers In China Build 10-Storey Apartment Block In Less Than 29 Hours

The band new tower block was created with single modular units that were then bolted together

Construction workers in China managed to build a 10-storey apartment block in less than 29 hours. You can see time-lapse footage of the impressive feat here:

The company behind the building - the Broad Group - put a seemingly superhuman timeframe on the apartment block in the city of Changsha, with developers calling it the 'world's shortest construction period'.

Time-lapse footage shared by the company shows three cranes and a huge number of workers throwing together the high-rise - named the Living Building - in 28 hours and 45 minutes, the Daily Mail reports.

The block was able to be built so quickly as workers were assembling small modular units that had been built at a factory prior to the final construction work.

The stainless steel units are around the size of shipping containers and were transported to the building site via trucks.

Broad Group
Broad Group

With the help of the cranes, labourers were able to then build up the block with the individual units, while other construction workers bolted them into place - a bit like giant Lego, really.

Each single unit is 12.19 metres (40ft) long, 2.44 metres (8ft) wide and three metres (10ft) high.

When in place, one wall of each unit folded down to become a floor plate, while windows and balconies also folded out from the unit to enclose the space.

Once the structure was put together, the Broad Group was able to install water and electricity.

Broad Group
Broad Group

The company also showed off what the finished apartments looked like, with white walls, wooden floors and large windows allowing for plenty of natural light.

The company believes the unusual construction method of pre-building modular units and then stacking them together could be used to create other buildings, such as commercial skyscrapers or larger residential buildings.

The Broad Group said: "It is perfectly suitable for luxury residences, 200-storey skyscrapers, and also ideal for public and residential buildings."

Broad Group

But the super-fast construction efforts have raised a few eyebrows, with some locals in the area concerned about safety - specifically that the floors/ceilings could collapse.

In response the Broad Group has said the apartments' floors are 100 times stronger than traditional floors as they are made from solid, stainless steel plates.Featured Image Credit: Broad Group

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