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Iarnród Éireann Offering Cheap Travel Fares For Young Adults

Iarnród Éireann Offering Cheap Travel Fares For Young Adults

Whether it’s a catch up with Mammy or a new adventure you crave, travel in comfort and style for less with Iarnród Éireann.

You know, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but we’re actually quite partial to a long train journey here at LADbible. 

You’ve got your spacious table for laptops, book and, mostly importantly, snacks. Plug sockets for charging your phone, and free Wifi galore. Plus plenty of room to sit and chat with up to seven of your mates if you manage to nab two booths opposite each other. 

Or if you’re travelling solo, there’s the all-important window to lean your head against and imagine you’re in a music video, Fast Car by Tracy Chapman blaring through your headphones… 

Okay, that last part might just be us but… it really is a great way to travel. That’s why it was music to our ears when we learned of the jaw-dropping new flexible prices which have been brought in for young adults (aged 19 to 23 years old). 

You really won’t believe the saving that are available for cross country travel when you book online at 

We’re talking Dublin to Sligo for just €8.40! Dublin to Galway for €8.00! Limerick to Cork for – we actually can’t believe what we’re typing here – just €5.80! If that’s not a slice of affordable luxury, we don’t know what is. 

With prices like these, the possibilities are endless. Suddenly nipping home for an impromptu visit doesn’t seem so out of reach. And what better reason to head home on a whim than to put a smile on your unsuspecting parents’ faces… and perhaps to avail of a freshly made bed and one Mammy’s hot dinners… 

Or if you’re feeling a little more adventurous, why not take advantage of that Monday you have no lectures on and hop on a train to part of the country you’ve never seen before?  

There’s truly so much to discover on our glorious Emerald Isle and there’s no better time to explore the undulating hills of Kerry or roam the cobbled streets of Galway than during your glory years in college. 

Now, of course, in order to prevent any old Tom, Dick or Harry from posing as an innocent young one making the journey to work or to college, you will need a valid student ID card or a TFI Young Adult or Student Leap Card as ID to avail of these savage savings. 

A TFI Young Adult or Student Leap card is especially handy if you’re Dublin-based as you can use it to tag on and pay just €1 for your travel across DART and Commuter Rail, City Buses and LUAS in Dublin for up to 90mins.  

Now that really is the ticket to student life – and back again! 

Featured Image Credit: Iarnród Éireann

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