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Is It Cake? Fans Accuse Contestant Jonny Manganello Of 'Cheating' In The First Episode

Is It Cake? Fans Accuse Contestant Jonny Manganello Of 'Cheating' In The First Episode

The cake artist has recently come under fire.

Is It Cake? fans have accused contestant Jonny Manganello of ‘cheating’ in the first episode of the show. 

Warning: Is It Cake? Spoilers ahead.

The Netflix series sees some of the world’s most talented bakers competing to create hyper-realistic cakes that look exactly like everyday objects to win a cash prize, with the idea of tricking a panel of celebrity judges who will ask “Is it real? Or is it cake?”

The cake artist has recently come under fire from watchers of the show after he allegedly ‘put fake tomatoes on the real tacos in an attempt to deter the judges away from choosing his cake tacos as the fake culprit. 

TV and film fans quickly took to Twitter and Reddit to share their frustration at the ordeal, calling Manganello out for supposedly deceiving the judges with his tactics. 

Siân Campbell took to the social media platform to write: “#IsItCake I came here to confirm that everyone agrees Johnny cheated in the first episode with the fake tomatoes, and I feel so validated that we're all on the same page bc I'm FURIOUS [sic]”. 

“Watching Is it Cake? on @netflix and Johnny straight up cheated,” Erik wrote. 

A different viewer added: “Jonny on Is It Cake? cheated hard asf. That’s all.”

“In the first ep, it was TOTALLY unfair the guy was allowed to put fake tomatoes on the real tacos. Totally not a fair win [sic],” one Reddit user commented.

Meanwhile, a different viewer came to Manganello’s defence, tweeting: “Why people call Johnny a cheater? If he wasn’t allowed to alter the decoys they would stop him. 

“On 5th episode, Andrew also altered with plastic cups and I think Nina did something to the bowl of the 1st decoy, they are allowed to do that #IsItCake”. 

LADbible have contacted Jonny Manganello and Netflix for a comment on the matter.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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